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  • Before and after surgery photos of the front part wedged osteotomy of the mandible bone.
  • The front part wedged osteotomy surgery made the chin smaller and short of this girl. This change is best demonstrated in profile view as this.
  • In front view the face is shorter and more square after surgery and the right deviation of the chin is corrected.
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Star of October 2015--Wedged Ostectomy Chin Reduction

Over growth of the ramus of the mandible forms a big mandible bone and thus frequently causes an underbite occlusion. The surgery to correct this condition is called a Sagittal Splitting Ramus Osteotomy (SSRO). However in some other situations the oversized mandible bone is not caused by the overgrowth of the ramus but by the overgrowth of the front part or the body of the mandible bone. In this instance SSRO is not the best choice of selection, instead the front part or body osteotomy of the mandible bone may improve the facial figure. The incision line on the bone of the front part osteotomy locates in front of the mental foramen, so there is less chance of inferior alveolar nerve injury by surgery compared to the mandible body osteotomy. But the width of bone removal is limited in this surgery because the curvature structure at the osteotomy site makes the reunion of the severed front end of the mandible bone difficult if big chunk of bone is removed.


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