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Zygoma Plastic Surgery

The Location and Mark of the Scalp Incision of Zygoma Bone and Zygo..
Zygoma and zygomatic arch smoothing reduction plasty is the second generation technique of Dr. Ma's zygoma and zygomatic are reduction plasty. It has many advantages compared to the first generation of the combined osteotomy zygoma and zygomatic arch plasty because of the improvements in osteotomy method and in surgical incision. The long curved incision (around 12cm in length) at the temporal region has been replaced with a tiny straight (around 1cm in.. (2014-05-28)
Restoration of Facial Sagginess and Indentation After Zyogmatic Bon..
Facial sagginess is a problem that is mostly concerned by the zygomatic surgery candidates and also a hot topic on the net. That is because some of the surgical procedures such as The Frontal End Osteotomy Zygoma and Zygomatic Arch Reduction that can easily get a saggy result after surgery. This kind of facial sagginess mostly comes with a zygomatic complex downward displacement. As a matter of fact the zygomatic complex displacement actually causes the.. (2012-01-17)
measurement of zygoma and zygomatic arch
We judge whether a zygaom bone or zygomatic arch is high or not by visual analysis subjectively. It is more practical to setup an objective ruler for measure if the zygoma bone or the arch is too protruding. The problem is that our face is smooth and has no landmark on it. Where should we start to measure the face? We are lucky to have some mathematic solutions for this problem. The following is the physical and bony facial measurement solutions Dr. Ma .. (2011-10-20)
Zygoma and Zygomatic Arch Smooth Reduction Plasty
Zygoma and zygomatic arch smoothing reduction plasty is come from Dr. Fushun Ma's technique of the multiple osteotomy zygoma and zygomatic arch plasty. On the basis of anatomy and anthropometry study, large volume CT measurement study and reviewing the existing of surgical methods of zygoma and zygomatic arch reduction plastyon the basis of a trial, through a large number of and CT measurement analysis . Dr. Ma Fushun put forward a new surgical procedu.. (2011-10-20)
Indications of Zygoma and Zygomatic Arch Redcution Plasty
Wide Zygoma and zygomatic arch contribute to a diamond shipped facial appearance, rough facial outline and disproportional facial contour.This situation increases with age. As the facial soft tissue shrinking, temporal and cheek getting depression the zygoma and zygomatic arch protrude more obviously to the lateral. There are two options to change this situation. For those who already have a elongated shaped face, in particular those whose contour probl.. (2011-10-20)
Zygoma Plastic Surgery
In order to make the face slimmer the middle face should be narrower. Zygoma and zygomatic arch bone redcution is the surgery of choice. Zygoma reduction or malar reduction surgery is getting popular and it's complication rate is decline due to the surgical technique innovation. So it is very safe and effective to reduce the width of the face in an experienced hand. (2011-10-20)
Revision Surgery afte Zygoma Bone and Zygomatic Arch Plasty
Zygoma bone and zygomatic arch revision surgery is one of the many revision plastic surgeries. Like other cosmetic and plastic surgery, after zygoma plasty some complications or unsatisfied situations may occur. Sometimes a revision surgery is needed. The most common complications after zygoma plasty include the displacement of zygomatic arch, zygomatic arch defect, maxillary sinus anterior wall defect, zygomatic arch weakness and facial expression musc.. (2011-10-20)
What is the zygoma bone and the zygomatic arch
Zygoma is located at the bottom of the lateral orbit, diamond-shaped, forming the cheek bony process in the cheek area. The temporal process of zygoma reaches back to meet the zygomatic process of the temporal bone forming the zygomatic arch.The zygomatic arch is located at the side of caraon arched laterally. (2011-10-20)
zygomatic Bone
Zygomatic Bone is the important human facial bone. The bones in a human head can be divided into two categories the cranium and the maxilla. The cranium is composed of 8 bones which contain and protect the brain. The maxilla indicates the other 14 bones of the human head except the cranium. There are two zygomatic bones located on right and left side of the face separately. They are two of the 14 maxillary bones. They are the third largest maxillary bo.. (2011-10-20)
Other Surgical Procedures for Zygomatic Reduction
Many procedures have been used in zygomatic reduction surgery. The first reduction procedure was not invented by Chinese surgeon. However as there are so many Chinese candidates underwent zygomatic reduction surgery Chinese surgeons now is leading the world in this surgical area. Below are a brief descriptions of few traditional zygomatic reduction plastic surgery procedures. Some of them is still very popular while the others are not widely used anymor.. (2011-10-20)
Complications of Zygomatic Bone and Zygomatic Arch Plastic Surgery
Zygomatic bone and zygomatic arch plastic surgery is a common plastic and cosmetic surgery. Like other cosmetic surgeries it is safe. The complication rate of zygomatic boen and zygomatic arch plastic surgery is lower than other principles of surgeries. However like other surgeries this surgery do have some risks of surgical complication and unsatisfactory rate. If it happens the patient and surgery provider should take a good care of it and treat the c.. (2011-10-20)
Zygomatic Bone and Zygomatic Arch Displacement and Defect After Fro..
One of the relatively severe complications is the displacement and defect of zygomatic bone and zygomatic arch after zygoma reduction surgery. It related to the improper surgical plan, improper practice during the operation and the structure or density problems of the bone. This kind of complication composed a high portion in the revision surgery after zygomatic bone and zygomatic arch reduction surgery. This complication is very common among the Fronta.. (2011-10-20)
Photos of High Zygoma and Zygomatic Arch
Peoples with high zygoma and zygomatic arch look normal in childhood. This problem gradually reveal at the end stage of growth and development. So a lot of the candidates of cosmetic surgery brought their pictures of childhood and told Dr. Fushun Ma that their zygoma and zygomatic arch were not high when they were little. They didn't know why their zygoma and zygomatic arch were getting bigger and bigger. In fact they didn't do anything wrong nor some a.. (2011-10-20)
Photos After 10 Year of Zygoma and Zygomatic Arch Reduction Surgery
The lady in the pictures of this page received zygoma and zygomatic arch reduction surgery in the year of 1999. Then she traveled back and forth between China and abroad. She always managed to see Dr. Fushun Ma every time when she was back in China. So Dr. Ma was been able to take some post operation photos for her in a period of 10 years from 1999 to 2009. From the before picture to the last picture of 2009 we can notice the mark on her face left by ti.. (2011-10-20)
Facial Sagging After Zygoma Reduction Surgery
Does facial sagging occur after every zygma and zygomatic arch reduction surgery? This is a frequently asked questions during Dr. Fushun Ma's consultation with facial reduction surgery candidates. The answer is "NO". Most methods of the zygoma and zygomatic arch reduction surgery will not cause any facial sagging. However same reduction methods such as the Front End or the Front and Rear End Osteotomy Zygoma Reduction tend to have a sagging face compli.. (2011-10-20)
Photos of the Zygomatic Bone
The zygomatic bone is a diamond shaped human facial bone. Its function includes protection, supporting and providing attachment for the facial expression muscles. Even though this is a very important facial bone we normally do not know what it looks like because this bone is connected to the other facial bones very firmly and it is very difficult to separate it from the others. The whole skull is kind of familiar with us while a independent zygomatic bo.. (2011-10-20)
Photos of the Zygomatic arch
The zygomatic arch is an bony structure of the human face. However unlike the zygomatic bone it is not a separate facial bone, it is composed of the connecting parts of two facial bones. Similarly to the zygomatic bone in function it also provides protection, supporting and attachment of the facial expression muscles. The differences are the zygomatic arch protects the side of the face instead of the lateral front side of the face as the zygomatic bone .. (2011-10-20)