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Zygoma and Zygomatic Arch Smooth Reduction Plasty

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Zygoma and zygomatic arch smoothing reduction plasty is come from Dr. Fushun Ma's technique of the multiple osteotomy zygoma and zygomatic arch plasty. On the basis of anatomy and anthropometry study, large volume CT measurement study and reviewing the existing of surgical methods of zygoma and zygomatic arch reduction plastyon the basis of a trial, through a large number of  and CT measurement analysis . Dr. Ma Fushun put forward a new surgical procedure for zygoma and zygomatic reduction plasty in 1995. He call it multiple osteotomy zygoma and zygomatic arch reduction plasty. This procedure narrows the face by multiple osteotomy of the zygomatic complex, displacing the arch inward and reducing the bulging of the arch.

Why multiple osteotomy

Zygomatic arch is an curved structure of rigid bone, by making two of less osteotomy sites one can not change the curvature of the rigid bony object. Before we can make the zygomatic arch straighter we have to cut the bone at three or more sites and make the arch in two or more pieces.  On the other hand to straighten an arch-shaped object, its length, which is the distance between points A and B in the following diagram, is bound to increase. Therefore after the straightening the original position sport of the zygomatic arch will not be able to accommodate the enlarged length of the zygomatic arch, in order to dock the straighten zygomatic arch  perfectly a certain length of the zygomatic arch has to be removed .

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