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Discussion with an Overdone Jaw Reduction Surgery Candidate

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Tags: jaw reduction overdone, jaw reduction revision, mandible angle
This young girl had her jaw reduction surgery before and not satisfied with the final result because she fell the surgery changed her look too much and her face doesn't look natural.
This is a common kind of post jaw reduction complain. It could be the reduction surgery removed too much hard and soft tissue from the face or could be the a wrong surgery had been selected on a originally slim face. Once the surgery is overdone it is difficult to restore the original facial outline naturally. The principle of mending this problem is to refill the over resected area with either autograft tissue (tissue from one's own body) or synthetic tissue. Sometime more than one sessions of surgeries are needed.
So it is suggested to discuss with your surgeon thoroughly before stepping in the OR and take consider of overdone in mind if you pursue a aggressive change through surgery.

From: Dora
To: Fushun Ma
Sent: Thursday, October 13, 2011 10:19 AM
Subject: jaw enhancement

Hi Dr. Fushun Ma,
Do you have a clinic in Toronto, Canada? Or somewhere in Canada?
If not, do you plan to practice in Canada in the near future?
I like the before and after photos of the jaw surgery candidates, as the change is conservative and natural looking.
I had a botched jaw reduction surgery in the past, and it looks unnatural and even more asymmetrical than before.
The fat grafting of the revised jaw surgery is impressive and she looks much better from the profile.
How much did it cost for her operation? How many vials of fat were injected to each jaw?

Thanks for your time!


On 2011-10-14, at 11:29 AM, Fushun Ma wrote:

Hi Dora,
I did live and work in Toronto for many years. But I don't have a clinic there and have not plan to practice there in the near future.
If you had a jaw reduction surgery that is overdone. Most of the case you need do some other surgeries to improve the contour of the face. However you can't do it within the first half year after the reduction surgery. A lot of the patients with your situation have been benefited with fat grafting, a new way of mending over reduced mandible. In case you really want to do the revision my suggestion is come to China and see me, because in China jaw reduction surgery and revision surgeries after aggressive reduction is very common. If you have difficult going to China may be I can see you in Toronto someday. My family is till in Toronto. I sometime go to visit them. If we are lucky may be we can find a clinic to do your surgery there.
So keep in touch.
From: Dora
To: Fushun Ma
Sent: Saturday, October 15, 2011 2:16 AM
Subject: Re: jaw enhancement

Hello Dr. Fushun Ma,
Thanks for your quick response! I thought I'd ask if you had a clinic in Toronto since while I was browsing your resume, I noticed you graduated from university of Toronto, which is where I'm currently studying at.
I don't have any plans to go to Beijing anytime soon, but if I do, I'll definitely drop by to see you.
I'd like you to be my doctor, so I'll wait it out until the opportunity arises to meet you.
Here is a profile pic of me one year post op. It looks even worse now as the swelling has completely subsided, making the frontal lower width of my face really weak and rather long looking, and is even more asymmetrical than before.
This is me before any surgery:
I couldn't find a clear profile picture of myself pre-operation, but it used to look something like this lady's mandible, but perhaps a little weaker.
Anyway, if you think bone grafting or implants would be a better choice to recreate my facial shape, I'll consider it.
It just really saddens me to see how disappointed my family are when they look at me now. I look nothing like them anymore, and I feel I lost a trace of them with the surgery.
I initially got surgery because I had almost zero confidence in myself, and thought a minor change that brought more symmetry and balance (not to look completely altered) would boost my self-confidence. And wow, how that backfired!
Anyway, my goal is not to be more beautiful than before, but to look the way I used to, to look like my parents.
Dr. Fushun Ma, when you do come to Toronto, I really hope I can meet you here!

Take care until then.

On 2011-10-16, at 4:04 AM, Fushun Ma wrote:
Dear Dora,

Your post surgery photo do look not as natural as before surgery to me. But don't blame on your surgeon or on yourself too much. No body wanted to make you unhappy.
It seems you don't have any bone left under the earlobe. I couldn't tell if you really need something hard to replace the lost bone without a good 3D CT and to see you in person. If simple fat transplant doesn't work I don't think I can help you in Toronto as I don't have the right setting there. In that case if you want me to help you you have to go to China.
I have a Message Board on my website in Chinese version and I want to post our discussion between us on the same column of my English version website. Of course I will rename you name and you contact information. If you don't oppose I may post these message in a week.

Fushun Ma
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