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Publications as the First Author

Ultrastructrual Changes in Human Masseter Muscles after Botulinum N..
Botulinum neurotoxin A (BoNTA) has long been used as a therapeutic agent and has been widely accepted as a cosmetic agent in recent years. It can inhibit function and induce structural changes in skeletal muscle. Specimens of fresh dissected human masseter muscle were used to observe the ultrastructural changes that occurred at 6 and 12 months following BoNTA injection. The findings observed were muscle fiber distortion, sarcomere shortening, m.. (2017-12-27)
Accumulative eschar after burn
Eschar formation is a potential sequela of burn injuries. Definitive management may include escharectomy and eschar debridement. After eschar removal, the wound can be covered with a skin graft or reepithelialization. For prolonged refractory eschar on the fingertips, topical use of rb-bFGF after debridement can achieve an optimal outcome. (2015-12-23)
Zygomatic Arch Reduction and Malarplasty with Multiple Osteotomies:..
A digitalized CT image was used to estimate the arch height and the length of bone for removal from the zygomatic arch. A specific piece of bone was removed from the most protruding point of each zygomatic arch. Greenstick fractures were made at the anterior and posterior roots of the zygomatic arch. The open arches were rotated inwardly until both ends met.This technique reduces the width of the midface by changing the degree of curvature of the zygoma.. (2014-11-18)
Injectable Removal After Polyacrylamide Injection Brest Augmentation
Nontoxic Polyacrylamide is a polymer form of neurotoxic acrylamide subunits. Unpolymerized acrylamide can be present in very small amounts in the polymerized acrylamide. Polyacrylamide had been legally used as human soft tissue filler for various purpose such as breast augmentation in China from December 1997 to April 2006, affecting more than 300,000 people. (2014-11-17)
The investigation of the malar bone structure and its clinical value
[Abstract]objective: The zygoma bone and zygomatic arch are the most important framework of human face and they determine the facial outline. To eva luate the key point of measuring and provide a baseline value for clininal reconstruction of the malar bone this studies were conducted. Methods: 76 adult skulls unearthed from Beijing area were used to observe the malar bone structure and select the mearsuring point. Than the relationship of the point were.. (2011-10-20)
An X-ray study of the density and the orientation of the cutaneous ..
Abstract Angiography was performed on 10 legs of fresh cadavers to investigate the density and orientation of small arteries of the lower leg. It was revealed that there were more vertically arranged arteries than the horizontally arranged ones in the skin and superficial fascia. The entire surface of the lower leg was divided into 9 regions. The density of arteries of different orientations in the skin and fascia was measured regionally. Though the de.. (2011-10-20)
Reduction Malarplasty by Combined Zygomatic Arch Osteotomy
Results 40 case of malar reduction using this method achieved good result.Conclusion This procedure ensures a precise reduction and a structurally intact and stable zygomatic arch while reducing the over leteral projection of the zygomatic arch to achieve a harmonic facical outline. (2011-10-20)