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Mandilbe Reduction Photos

The pictures in this section show the changes of a mandible reduction surgery could make on a suitable candidate's face. After surgery the squareness of the mandible area can be trimmed more slimmer and smoother letting the face looks more graceful.
Mandilbe Reduction Photos
Mandible Body Reduction Rounded Face Reshaping
A rounded face may look pretty. In fact for some people a round face may give a impression of young and full of energy. So many people want a baby face. However if a person's facial bone is already big and on top of that his or her facial fat is thick than the face present as a big rounded fatty one. This condition may not meet the value of beauty in most people's mind. So for those facial reshaping plastic surgery seekers who have fatty faces with big .. (2017-01-02)
Mandible Angle Resection Mandible Plasty
Some of the square face is mainly due to the overgrowth of the mandible angle, while the masseter muscle is not remarkably oversize. In this sense the mandible angle should be bulkily chop off in order to get rid of the square shape of the lower face. When we cut one corner off from a square we get a pentagon. Similarly if we cut the angle of the mandible  off straightly we get two angles. To avoid the formation of double mandible angles the mandib.. (2016-02-01)
Angle Reserve Mandible Reduction
Mandible reduction is the first surgery that has been used to make the face smaller for cosmetic purpose. However the prototype of this procedure mainly forced on the angle of the mandible bone. This type of surgery has limited effect on facial width reduction except for less than one fourth of the facial reduction candidates whose square face is caused by the eversion of the mandible angle. For the majority of the candidates a combination surgical bone.. (2015-12-23)
Contour Surgery for Torticollis Induced Facial Asymmetry
The cause of wry face or asymmetric face may vary. Some due to the congenital factors but most of them is caused by the asymmetric facial growth during a person's development stage. Among them congenital muscular torticollis counts for the most common single causative factor for all wry faces. In torticollis the sternocleidomastoid muscle is injured during delivery and the muscle heals with contracture. The shortened muscle keeps dragging the neck of th.. (2015-11-02)
Broad Chin After Mandible Reduction Surgery
The chinplasty can be done at the same time when the mandible and masseter muscle reductions are done. If only the mandible is reduced leaving the chin untouched, the chin may end up looking wider thought the actual width of the chin keeps the same. That is because the reduction of the mandible changes the width ratio between the chin and the mandible bone. For each individual cosmetic surgery seeker weather the chinplasty is combined with the mandible .. (2015-04-13)
Square Face to Oval Face Surgery
For those square faced candidates whose zygomatic bone and zygomatic arch are not oversized a simple mandible bone reduction and partial masseter muscle removal could change the facial type to the ideal "oval face". And also if the chin bone is not too wide or if "melon seed face" is not the desired target facial type there is no need to trim the chin bone slimmer. In this scenario the removal amount of the mandible bone and the masseter muscle should b.. (2014-08-11)
Mandible Bone and Mandible Angle Reduction for Male
For boys a square face is considered handsome. However if the mandible bone and the masseter muscle are oversized too much the borderline between the chin and the masseter muscle can be easily seen from the front view. Even more as male face has less sub dermal fat the muscle fiber shows at bite then the masseter muscles are too strong. In such cases many of those who don't wish a tough appearance normally want to reduce the size of the mandible bone an.. (2014-06-01)
Transforming the Square Face to Oval Shape with Mandible Angle and ..
Though Dr. Fushun Ma now using whole mandible bone sculpture technique for mandible reduction facial reshaping, in the past however simple mandible angle reduction and masseter muscle resectomy have been used in some facial reshaping patients and ideal post surgical results have been achieved too. At the time when facial reduction plasty was first introduced a bias believing was that the square shape of the face is caused by an oversized mandible angle... (2014-01-03)
Facial Reduction with Massseter Muscle and Buccl Fat Partial Removal
For those whose mandible bone is not big and the mandible angles are not eversion, a simple partial masseter muscle removal could well redefine the Square Face to a Oval one. Except candidates with remarkable eversion mandible angles The facial width of all other square face candidates could be reduced by masseter muscle resection. On the contrary without muscle reduction a pure mandible bone reduction can not do much in reducing the facial width in Squ.. (2013-09-25)
Mandible Bone and Masseter Muscle Reduction to Achieve a Melon Seed..
"Melon seed face" describes a facial type with an outline contour that follows the a melon seed's. If we study the shape of a "melon seed" we can easily imaging what a "melon seed face" look like. Take the common melon seed, watermelon seed as an example, its upper two thirds are wide and full while the lower third is narrow and thin and the transform from wide to narrow is natural and smooth. There is no obvious boundary between the wide and narrow par.. (2013-07-01)
Mandible Angle Reduction Surgery
The new concept of square face plastic surgery has changed from traditionally the mandible angle ostectomy or filing to a combination of surgeries, as to change the square look of the face multiple procedures toward the mandible bone and the masseter muscle are needed in order to get a smooth reduction result. However for some candidates especially those who simply have mandible angle eversion without mandible body or chin oversize, mandible angle reduc.. (2012-12-14)
Plastic Surgery Changing Asymmetric Square Face to Oval One
This month's homepage star is such a girl who wanted to change her facial and change it in a subtle way. Mandible reduction and masseter muscle partial resectomy surgeries was performed for her by Dr. Fushun Ma. All the following photos depict her facial contour changes between before and after surgery. Originally this girl's face is kind of square and asymmetric. After surgery her face type changed to a "oval one" with the facial width gradually narrow.. (2012-08-31)
Square Face Reduction Surgery
Square face also know as angled face is a type of facial contour characterized with a narrow upper face and angled wide lower face like the shape of letter "A" or letter "H". The formation of this type of face is due to the oversized mandible bone and masseter muscle with or without a narrow forehead. In "A" shape face the mandible bone and the masseter muscle are overgrowth or the mandible bone angle is convexes laterally making the width of the lower .. (2011-12-25)
Mandible Angle Reduction Surgery With an Exaggerated Face Reshaping..
The face reshaping result of the mandible angle reduction surgery could be exaggerated or subtle according the the need of the operation seekers. In terms of surgical technique the up to date mandible reduction approach can meet the needs of the cosmetic surgery candidates to narrow the lower part of facial outline in various degree, even to make the facial contour unrecognizable from the pre operation one. So the most import thing for the operation see.. (2011-10-20)
Revision Surgery for Overdone Mandible Angle Reduction
In order to achieve a dramatic surgical result the mandible bone often be over resected in a mandible angle reduction surgery. Many years ago mandible reduction surgery was not very popular and the surgeons didn't have chance to observe long term post operation patients. So they focused on the short time reduction result by cut off bigger piece mandible bone. Even more some clinics charge their patients by the weight of the removed mandible bone. In tha.. (2011-10-20)
Revision Mandible and Masseter Muscle Redution
This handsome boy previously did mandible angle reduction and is not satisfied with the result feeling that his lower face is still too wide and the chin is too square and asymmetric. He then came to me and toke surgeries of mandible and chin reduction and masseter muscle resectomy. On 3 months post operation follow-up the boy replied to Dr. Ma's request: "I am not a movie star and not a lot people knowing me. If it is necessary you surely can post me p.. (2011-10-19)
Mandible Angle Reduction Plastic Surgery
The girl said: "Dr. Ma, my face seemed asymmetric. At the beginning I didn't notice that. When I went to take my wedding photos the photographer told me I should avoid some kind of angle and expression because my face is not very symmetric. Since then I feel more asymmetry after each self exam of my own face. I was wondering if some more surgeries could help." (2011-10-19)
Mandible Reduction and Masseter Muscle Resectomy
The pictures were toke one year after operation. Dr. Ma still remembered that this girl called Dr. Ma one month after operation worrying that the surgery didn't made her face any smaller. She was wondering the surgery may be too conservative that didn't change her face any. Dr. Ma told her at the time of one month post operation the final result will net show even the swelling already been subsided because of the scaring tissue deep inside till make the.. (2011-10-19)
Mandible and Masseter Muscle Reduction Surgery
This girl's operation include mandible reduction and masseter muscle reduction. Previously we call this surgery mandible angle reducton surgery wich mainly deals with the angle of the mandible bone. Now Dr. Ma's mandible reduction surgery is not only restricted in trimming the bone of mandilble angle. The surgery involves a bigger area of mandible body,its lower edge and masseter muscle etc. Only by doing surgery on this big area the drawback of "angle".. (2011-10-19)
Reduction Plastic Surgery of Asymmetric Mandible Bone and Autologou..
Reduction plastic surgery of asymmetric mandible bone, also known as asymmetric face plastic surgery or asymmetric jaw plastic surgery, is a common plastic surgery of the mandible bone. The procedure of the asymmetric mandible bone plastic surgery is similar to those of the simple mandible bone or mandible angle reduction plastic surgery. (2011-10-19)