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Underbite & Asymmetric Face Correction

Underbite is a malclusion problem. In lower jaw underbite patients the mandible bone overgrowth during the developing period. Once a person is grow up the over developed mandible bone can only be corrected surgically, not by simple dental correction work. The pictures in this section are of underbite patients who underwent surgical correction.
Underbite & Asymmetric Face Correction
Underbite Correction Surgery Returns a Bright Smile
An underbite is a dental malocclusion condition where the lower jaw protrudes foreward abnormally, partially overlapping with the upper teeth due to the imbalanced development of the upper and lower jaw. In frontal view the chin of an underbite patient only looks relatively bigger. In profile view the chin stands out from the face like an outstretched drawer. The functional interference in an undebite arrangement includes speech difficulty for syllables.. (2017-11-17)
Wedged Front Part Ostectomy of Mandible Bone Chin Reduction
Over growth of the ramus of the mandible forms a big mandible bone and thus frequently causes an underbite occlusion. The surgery to correct this condition is called a Sagittal Splitting Ramus Osteotomy (SSRO). However in some other situations the oversized mandible bone is not caused by the overgrowth of the ramus but by the overgrowth of the front part or the body of the mandible bone. In this instance SSRO is not the best choice of selection, instead.. (2016-06-23)
Deviation Facial Deformity
Deviated face is one kind of maxillofacial deformity means that the asymmetric growth of the facial bone causing three dimensional disfigure of the face. This is due to the unbalanced development of the maxillary bones. It may related to congenital or acquired situations such as injury, improper gesture or habits. For those who suffer minor facial deviation there may be no notable abnormality. Severe facial deviation may present as badly facial deformit.. (2015-01-29)
Underbite Correction Plastic Surgery
Normally or for most people the upper set of teeth is located in front of and partially cover the lower set. This kind of occlusion is call the normal overbite. When the jaw is overgrowth or the upper jaw is undergrowth or even both anomalies coexist the lower set of teeth protrudes to the front of the upper set forming the abnormality of underbite. In this case the jaw is big, the lower lip is more protruding than the upper one, the middle part of the .. (2013-12-05)
Whole Mandible Reduction and Upper Jaw Advancement Surgery
Mandible bone, also known as the "Jaw Bone" is the biggest and the only movable bone among the human head and face bones. The over growth or imbalanced growth of this bone could cause problems such as under bite, facial deviation or giant jaw appearance. An oversized mandible bone dose not necessarily cause facial deformity. However a big jaw bone make the lower part of the face wide giving a dripping face appearance or make a person looks older. On top.. (2013-05-22)
Asymmetric Face Correction Surgery
Asymmetric face also know as crooked face, twisted face, imbalanced face or deviated face etc. For most of the sufferers there is no proved etiology. It is believed to be related to hereditary factors, congenital or acquired developmental disorders, life style and some kinds of stomatological disease. Only a small amount of asymmetrical face sufferers whose cause of facial asymmetry is clear. Most of the sufferers can't find out why their face is so asy.. (2012-04-25)
Crossbite and Underbite Correction Plastic Surgery
Crossbite deformity is caused by the overgrowth of the mandible bone resulting in an appearance of protruding lower jaw and lower lip and a malocclusion of lower scissors overbite. The face is narrow and long like a "horse face" in profile. The scissor and and back teeth is in malocclusion. With good adaption and wearing the granning function for the back teeth is well preserved. The mandible ramous is longer than normal as a result of overgrowth. When .. (2011-10-19)
Before and After Photos of Minor Underbite Correctiong Surgery
Believing that underbite is a pure teeth problem patients mostly go to a dental hospital or dental department for help. For those the front tilting is not severe and the deformity is minor, a orthodontic treatment really is a very good choice with minimal workday lose and minimal trauma. For those whose deformity is severe and the incisors tilt dramatically a correction surgery is the choice of treatment because orthodontic procedure can only let the te.. (2011-10-19)
Protrusion Mandible Reduction Plastic Surgery
Mandible protrusion also know as underbite or misbite. It is one of the malocclusion deformities of the upper and lower teeth. For those with minor mandible protrusion the dental occlusion is abnormal, but no facial deformity or abnormality can be noticed. For severe mandible protrusion sufferers the lower incisors could be few centimeters ahead of the upper incisors with obvious facial deformity combined with chow and speech function interference, even.. (2011-10-22)