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Genioplastic Surgery

Advancement genioplastic surgery use the patient's own mandible bone to augment the chin. It is better than any kind of implant chin augmentation surgery because there are not foreign matarials left inside the body and the surgical result are more natural as shown in the pictures of this section.
Genioplastic Surgery
Snore Free after Chin Forward Sliding Surgery
Chin retrogression, also know as micro chin or small chin deformity, is a common cosmetic problem. A small chin not only post a facial figure problem, it also cause health problems like snore, sleep apnea or even chronic diseases from repeated hypoxemia as a small chin bone makes a small oral cavity and the stuff in the mouth is relatively too big resulting repeated obstruction of the airway in sleep. A chin forward sliding surgery can help to release t.. (2016-05-18)
Chin and Jaw Plastic Surgery
Chin is the most front part of the jaw bone. The medical term for chin bone plastic surgery is genoplasty. Though chin is part of the jaw bone, jaw plastic surgery or mandible plastic surgery doesn't normally include the chin. Because these two surgeries don't share the same surgical incision. The chin plastic surgery needs an incision on the mucosa at the front of the gingival fold of the incisor teeth, while the jaw plastic surgery's incision located .. (2014-12-24)
Forward Sliding Surgery for Retrograded Chin
The retrograded chin means that the chin is not forwardly protruding enough from the profile and the height of the chin ( the distance between the lip and the tip of the chin) not long enough. Chin retrograding not only interferes the facial figure but also the breathing function. Snore is believed to be related to chin retrograding for some people. When the chin is retrograde the distance between the chin bone and the vertebral bone is narrower, left s.. (2014-07-01)
Chin Forward Sliding and Mandible Reduction
Chin augmentation is a popular and common cosmetic surgery. It is so popular that many candidates whose condition need a Chin Forward Sliding surgery is misdirected to undergo a chin augmentation surgery, because the augmentation surgery is miner and simple requiring less training for the surgeon and less sophisticated set up for the surgery institute. But the implant used for chin augmentation is foreign body to human. Many patients with chin implant e.. (2013-08-12)
V Line Face Reshape Surgery
"V" line face is not a traditional face type such as "Square Face" ,"Round Face" etc. It just a description of a type of narrow face with a pointing chine. We all know that it is impossible to make the face as narrow as a thread. However we can trim the lower part of the face to fit a "V" shaped line with a gradually narrow pattern from the top of the forehead to the tip of the chin, ever with a very sharp chin tip. As a matter of fact this kind of faci.. (2013-01-15)
Chin Forward Sliding Before and After Surgery Photos
Chin forward sliding, known as Chin Forward Sliding Surgery, or Sub Apical Horizontal Mandible Osteotomy Chin Advancement Surgery, or simply Chin Advancement Surgery. It is a cosmetic surgery to make the chin pointer and higher by cutting the chin bone horizontally and move this free piece of bone forward and downwardly. This surgery can achieve the effect of chin implant without insert any foreign material into the body. More over at the time of making.. (2012-11-09)
Chin Forward Sliding and Reduction Surgery
There are different surgical procedures of choice that could narrow the width of the chin. If the chin is wide and slightly receding a simple chin augmentation will handle the problem. A careful carving of the chin implant can make the chin narrow and protruding forwardly. If the chin recedes too much for instance more than 1cm, a simple chin implant will not be able to achieve a good result as a very big implant can give the chin an unnatural look or e.. (2012-04-07)
Horizontal Osteotomy Advancement Genioplasty
Advancemetn Genioplasty also called Forward Sliding Genioplasty or Horizontal Osteotomy Advancement Genioplasty. It meant to horizontally cut free a piece of the lower part of the chin bone beneath the apex lower jaw teeth and then sliding this piece of the free bone forward and downward to make the chin longer and more protrusion. This surgery augments the chin naturally and effectively without any implanting any foreign material into the body. It is t.. (2011-10-19)