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Nasal Elongation and Rhinoplastic Surgery

To make a short nose longer is difficult as the bone, cartilage and the skin all need to be elongated. We also need a suporting frame to keep the nose in a elarged position. The comparison pictures show nasal elongation surgery results using either autograft cartilage or implant complex.
Nasal Elongation and Rhinoplastic Surgery
Nasal Bone Osteotomy Nose-narrowing Rhinoplasty
Wide nose indicates a nose which is too wide disproportionate to the giving nasal height and facial width. Depend on the tissue involvement it can be divided into bony wide nose and soft tissue wide nose. AS the bony structure of the nose only exist in the upper and middle portion the shape of a bony wide nose may resemble a "barrel" or a "bottle gourd". In soft tissue wide nose the nasal shape generally is in a reversed "V" with wide nostrils. The Bony.. (2016-10-25)
Early Correction for Traumatic Nasal Deviation
The bony nose is compose of the nasal bone and the process of the maxillary bone. Both of them are very thin, so the bony nose tend to be brake under injury force. The form nasal deformity caused by injury could be various depending on the direction and energy of the causing impact, including deviation deformity that means the bony nose twisted to one side or another and saddle deformity which means the bony part of the nose is compressed to become flat.. (2015-07-26)
Multiple Excision Nasal Dorsum Scar Removal
We all know that facial scar has  great influence on people's appearance, but there are still no way to eliminate it completely without any trace, even to make the scar on the face smaller is a challenge to the plastic surgeons.  Skin in different areas of the face has different thickness and color. And the facial skin is also obviousl.. (2014-05-13)
Twisted Hump Nose Plastic Surgery
The hump nose is mainly caused by the overgrowth of the bony nasal septum. The oversized septum lifts the nasal dorsum forming an augmentation in the middle of the dorsum like the hump of a camel. So a nose in this shape is called as "Hump Nose". The covering nasal bone restrict the enlargement of the developing bony nasal septum in some extent. If the restriction is too tight or the growth development of the bony septum is too fast there is not enough .. (2013-11-07)
Correcttive Surgery of the Deviated Nose
"Deviated nose", also know as "Wry nose" or "crooked nose", has many manifestations. A nose could be deviated on the face straightly or curved in a "C" or "L" shape. A hump nose often is deviated but rarely a small nose or saddle nose is deviated. Though a deviated nose could be in various shape basically we can divide them into two deferent categories, the deviated straight nose and the deviated curve nose. A deviated straight nose indicated that a nos.. (2013-02-19)
Augmentation Rhinoplaty and Blephroplasty
Many ladies and gentlemen of Asian origin bear a small nose, not high enough, not straight enough and not big enough to match the wide face. In this instance a rhinoplasy means to increase the size of the nose, to make the base of the nose higher and to stretch the nose longer if needed. There are many ways to fulfill the above goal. However augmentation rhinoplasty is still the most practical, the most economic, the simplest and the least work day lose.. (2012-09-16)
Nasal elongation and bimaxillary correction plastic surgery
This beautiful girl did Rhino Elongation and Bimaxillary Correction surgery. The pictures are token before operation and one year and 4 months post operation. Comparing the pre-operation pictures we could notice the following changes on her face. The nose is longer with a pointer and smaller tip. The nostril is less exposed and columella lip angle is smaller. The lips are no longer protruding and the chin looks longer and pointer though there are no sur.. (2011-10-19)
Photos of Nasal Bone Reduction Osteotomy for Wide Nose Correction
Nasal bone reduction osteotomy is a surgical procedure which cuts the nasal bones at different locations in order to mobilize them and then bush the bones inward to make the middle part of the nose narrower. This operation benefit those candidate whose wide nasal bones make the middle part of the nose bulging out laterally giving a barrel like shape nose. After the surgery an external fixation for a week is needed with no internal fixation and thus no f.. (2011-10-19)