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132 ·Bimaxillary Reduction Plasty Protruding Mouth Correction [Homepage Star] mafushun (2017-04-29)
130 ·Nasal Bone Osteotomy Nose-narrowing Rhinoplasty [Homepage Star] mafushun (2016-10-25)
126 ·Wedged Front Part Ostectomy of Mandible Bone Chin Reduction [Homepage Star] mafushun (2016-06-23)
122 ·Angle Reserve Mandible Reduction [Homepage Star] mafushun (2015-12-23)
119 ·Big Face Reduction  [Homepage Star] mafushun (2015-12-03)
116 ·Changing the Face Slimmer in One OR Trip [Homepage Star] mafushun (2015-06-06)
115 ·Broad Chin After Mandible Reduction Surgery [Homepage Star] mafushun (2015-04-13)
111 ·Zygomatic Arch Reduction and Malarplasty with Multiple Osteotomies: Its Geometric Considerations [Publications as the First Author] mafushun (2014-11-18)
107 ·Trimming the Face in Stages [Homepage Star] mafushun (2014-11-14)
105 ·Cheekbone Reduction with Simultaneous Facelift [Homepage Star] mafushun (2014-09-01)
101 ·Zygoma and Zygomatic Arch Reduction for a Slimmer Face [Homepage Star] mafushun (2014-06-13)
100 ·Mandible Bone and Mandible Angle Reduction for Male [Homepage Star] mafushun (2014-06-01)
97 ·The Location and Mark of the Scalp Incision of Zygoma Bone and Zygomatic Arch Smooth Reduction Plasty [Zygoma Plastic Surgery] mafushun (2014-05-28)
93 ·Feathering Reduction Malar Plasty [Homepage Star] mafushun (2013-10-13)
92 ·Facial Reduction with Massseter Muscle and Buccl Fat Partial Removal [Homepage Star] mafushun (2013-09-25)
91 ·Chin Forward Sliding and Mandible Reduction [Homepage Star] mafushun (2013-08-12)
88 ·Whole Mandible Reduction and Upper Jaw Advancement Surgery [Homepage Star] mafushun (2013-05-22)
87 ·Face Reduction Plastic Surgery [Homepage Star] mafushun (2013-03-16)
83 ·Cheekbone Reduction Surgery Before and After Surgery Photos [Homepage Star] mafushun (2012-11-24)
80 ·Cheekbone Reshaping Face Reduction [Homepage Star] mafushun (2012-10-09)
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