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131 ·Mandible Body Reduction Rounded Face Reshaping [Homepage Star] mafushun (2017-01-02)
127 ·Zygomatic and Mandibular Bone Surgery for the Correction of Facial Asymmetry [Homepage Star] mafushun (2016-09-10)
123 ·Mandible Angle Resection Mandible Plasty [Homepage Star] mafushun (2016-02-01)
119 ·Big Face Reduction  [Homepage Star] mafushun (2015-12-03)
116 ·Changing the Face Slimmer in One OR Trip [Homepage Star] mafushun (2015-06-06)
114 ·Deviation Facial Deformity [Homepage Star] mafushun (2015-01-29)
104 ·Square Face to Oval Face Surgery [Homepage Star] mafushun (2014-08-11)
101 ·Zygoma and Zygomatic Arch Reduction for a Slimmer Face [Homepage Star] mafushun (2014-06-13)
96 ·Transforming the Square Face to Oval Shape with Mandible Angle and Masseter Muscle Reduction Surgery [Homepage Star] mafushun (2014-01-03)
89 ·Mandible Bone and Masseter Muscle Reduction to Achieve a Melon Seed Face [Homepage Star] mafushun (2013-07-01)
85 ·V Line Face Reshape Surgery [Homepage Star] mafushun (2013-01-15)
78 ·Plastic Surgery Changing Asymmetric Square Face to Oval One [Homepage Star] mafushun (2012-08-31)
73 ·Asymmetric Face Correction Surgery [Homepage Star] mafushun (2012-04-25)
70 ·V Shape Face Achieved by Cheek Bone Reduction Surgery [Homepage Star] mafushun (2012-03-12)
66 ·Square Face Reduction Surgery [Homepage Star] mafushun (2011-12-25)
5 ·Asymmetric Lower Face Correction and Reduction Surgery [Homepage Star] nanshan (2011-10-19)
4 ·Masseter Muscle Partial Resectomy Square Face Reduction [Homepage Star] nanshan (2011-10-20)