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93 ·Feathering Reduction Malar Plasty [Homepage Star] mafushun (2013-10-13)
44 ·Zygoma Plastic Surgery [Zygoma Plastic Surgery] nanshan (2011-10-20)
27 ·Study of the Aesthetic Criteria for the Zygomatic Area and the Clinical Research of Malar Reduction Plasty [Graduate Dissertations] nanshan (2011-10-20)
26 ·The investigation of the malar bone structure and its clinical value [Publications as the First Author] nanshan (2011-10-20)
16 ·Comparison Analysis of Zygoma and zygomatic arch smooth reduction plastic surgery [Homepage Star] nanshan (2011-10-19)
8 ·Photos of Asymmetric Zygomatic Bone and Zygomatic Arch Reduction Plastic Surgery [Homepage Star] nanshan (2011-10-19)