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Face contour plastic surgery

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pictures befor and after facial contour surgery
The face looks more charming after facial contour surgery

Facial contour surgery also is known as facial contour plastic surgery. It refers to the use of various means of surgical technique to make the size of the face smaller, the contour line of the face smoother. It is a popular plastic and cosmetic surgery intervention now. However facial contour surgery doesn't mean a single operation. There are many operations that could accomplish the goal of making the face slimmer. For a given face a individual surgical plan is needed, which may include one or several surgical operations.

Whether a face contour surgery is needed

First thing is to judge if the face is big and round. Secondly if the bone structure is prominent. Thirdly the longitudinal and width ratio is abnormal or not. Of course the most reliable way of determining whether a face contour surgery is needed is CT image investigation of the facial bone and soft tissue. A experienced plastic surgeon should be involved in the process.

Soft tissue or bone trimming

Whether a soft tissue or bone trimming is needed in face contour surgery depended on the degree of facial adiposity. If a face looks fatty liposuction of the face may be applied. If a face looks bony with exaggerated facial outline or a female face looks like a male one, a facial bone reduction plastic surgery alone will reach the goal of facial contour.

contraindications of facial contour surgery

Those whose healthy conditions do not tolerate the operation are not eligible for facial contour surgery. Local conditions like tumor and acute or chronic inflammations can also make the operation contraindicated. For these reasons a plastic surgeon should exam the candidate carefully before operation. If necessary CT scan of the maxilla area is suggested. Especially for those whose facial contour are not symmetric. The author detected several cases of local neoplasm by pre-operation CT scan in his practice.

check the thickness of the massetermuscle
Check the thickness of Masseter Muscle

Check the Masseter Muscle

The way of judging the masseter muscle hypertrophy is simple and can be done in everyday life. While pressing the face on the inferior frontal area of the ear lobe with four fingers and biting the teeth hard one can feel the movement of the masseter muscle. If the masseter muscle is hypertrophic one can sense a big range of movement on the fingers. See picture on the right.

Soft tissue or bone trimming

Depending on the degree of facial adiposity. If a face looks fatty liposuction of the face may be applied. If a face looks bony with exaggerated facial outline or a female face looks like a male one, a facial bone reduction alone will reach the goal of facial contour surgery.

Surgical or non surgical face contour

Non surgical face contour is indicated if only the masseter muscle is hypertrophic. This problem can be easily dealt with botox injection. The injection is easy and there is no work day lose. But the face contour effect will not last longer than 6 months. If necessary repeated injections are applied. Surgical face contour means using surgical method to contour the face. The effect is permanent and it is indicated to various kinds of big face.

Facial contour operations suitable for different area

The face can be divided into three parts vertically, the upper, middle and lower part. The upper part is mainly composed of the forehead. No facial contour plastic surgery can be applied on this part of the face.

The only surgery that can be carried out on the middle part of the face is zygoma and  zygomatic arch plastic surgery. Despite many different beautiful names are employed to describe this operation. The basic technique for this operation includes the removal of bone tissue and the manipulation of the curvature degree of zygomatic arch. It is effective in change the diamond-shaped facial outline into a harmonious one. Liposuction can not be carried out at the middle part of the face as well as other methods such as Botox injection.

The most frequently used facial contour surgeries are performed at the lower part of the face. These operations narrow the bottom part of the face to reshape the facial contour into the ideal "sunflower seed" shape or "egg" shape. Among them  the most common operation is mandible angle reduction surgery. The early version of this surgery just trim the mandibular angle. Late on, mandibular body ostectomy is introduced into mandible  reduction surgery so that the width of lower jaw can be narrowed more. Recently, experienced plastic surgeons trim the masseter muscle on top of the bony reduction, ultimately changing the the square face into slim one. For some patients masseter muscles reduction only could achieve a remarked change in their facial outline without any ostectomy.  Botox injection can temporarily induces masseter muscle atrophy and makes the face smaller. It play a role in facial contour for those who don't want a surgery. The drawback of botox injection is that the effect can not last forever. Repeated injections may be needed. In addition a number of other methods is useful in facial contour surgery. These methods include buckle fat removal and facial liposuction.

How much to trim

Pre-operation CT scan can precisely measure the thickness of the facial fat, muscle and bone. The facial symmetry and local condition can be investigated by CT scan also. According to these data combining the goal of candidate's wishes the amount of fat, muscle and bone removal can be estimated.

Other surgeries for changing the facial contour

 Mental plastic surgery can also make the face longer and give a more harmonious length-to-width ratio.  It is suitable for those who have a small lower jaw. By forwarding the chin in a  downward and anterior direction to restore the length-to-width ratio the facial appearance can be significantly improved.

Principles of surgeon selection

In general, a plastic surgeon is hardly experienced in both soft tissue and bone surgery as their energy and time is limited. On the other hand medical technique and technology are always blooming. When the plastic surgery candidates consult a surgeon, the surgeon tend to refer surgeries that he or she fell very comfortable and confident in. That means even you find a very good surgeon you may end up choosing a wrong surgical procedure for your condition. So it is highly recommended that before seeing a surgeon you had better knowing what kind of surgery is appropriate for you and what kind of surgeries this particular surgeon is specialist in. At least you should aware whether soft tissue surgery or bone structure reframe or even both is appropriate for yourself. In another word you need to know if you soft tissue or bone structure makes your face wide.

Aspects needs to pay attention

1.The neck circumference. A small narrow face doesn't match a neck with big circumference.

2.Dispersion of facial organs. If the facial organs arrange in a crowed manner, the face looks wider. In this case the facial contour surgery is safe. Otherwise if the facial organs arrange in a scattered manner the face looks smaller even the face measures wide. In this case facial contour surgery is not recommended as the operation may give an impression that someone's face is too small to hold his or her facial organs.

3.The degree of facial fullness. The key element to determine if the facial soft tissue needs to be modified is the facial fullness. If the face is full it is safe to do soft tissue reduction surgery. In this case bony reshaping may be combined. On the other hand if the face looks very thin and the bony frame shows up very obviously. Or female has a masculine facial outline. Bone structure surgery is the choice.

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The pictures on the right side show the dramatic difference of facial bone frame. Modern maxilloplastic surgery may not be able to make the two identical but look alike without any trace. Isn't it amazing?

wide facial bonenarrow facial bone
The CT image showing the difference between slim and wide facial bone

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