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Reduction Malarplasty by Combined Zygomatic Arch Osteotomy

[ Author:Dr. Fushun Ma | Time:2011-10-20 09:14:28 |  Font Size: [Large Medium Small]
Tags: Facial contour plasty, Reduction malarplasty, zygoma Osteotomy

??Abstract????Objective  Various ways of surgical interventions to reshaping the face to a slimmer one have been documented with good result. On the bases of previous works we provided a new technique to change the shape of the complex of zygoma and zygomatic arch for malar reduction. Methods Image study of the zygoma and zygomatic arch was performed to determine their arrangement and provide data for mathematic calculation of arch reduction and bone removal from the zygomatic arch. A set length of bone was removed from the most prominent part of the arch. At the front and rear origin of the arch complex an incomplete osteotomy was done respectively to facilitate ?癵reenstick?

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