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The investigation of the malar bone structure and its clinical value

Fushun Ma, Zongji Chen, Yongshen Zheng,Yongshen Yuan, Yiping Yan
[ Author:Dr. Fushun Ma | Time:2011-10-20 09:18:42 |  Font Size: [Large Medium Small]
Tags: malar bone, investigation, human, plastic surgery

[Abstract]objective: The zygoma bone and zygomatic arch are the most important framework of human face and they determine the facial outline. To eva luate the key point of measuring and provide a baseline value for clininal reconstruction of the malar bone this studies were conducted. Methods: 76 adult skulls unearthed from Beijing area were used to observe the malar bone structure and select the mearsuring point. Than the relationship of the point were investigated. Results: A new measuring point we name it the zygoma point was set up, 5 indexes we call them the facial longitudinal index, the facial width index, the middle facial width index, the lateral zygoma protruding index and the lateral maxillar protruding index were formulated. 1596 measurment valus representing the bony profile of the zygoma were gathered. These data depicted the measuring character of the zygoma and normal measuring range. This in turn provided reference for facial plastic surgery.  All of the indexe??s value range have been calculated in order to meet the need of various plastic and reconstruction surgeries. Conclusion: The new measuring point and indexes can describe the malar bone structure digitally and the data is well around the mean, thus has a good reliability and consistency. Although the measuring data was slightly differ fron each side of the skull there was no statistical significance noticed from each other side in this study.

Key words: malar bone investigation, human skull, zygoma protruding point

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