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Resume of Dr. Ma

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Doctorate Degree:  Peking Union Medical College, 9/1994~7/1997, Majored in Surgery

Master Degree: The Fourth Military Medical University, 9/1987~7/1990, Majored in Surgery

Bachelor Degree:  WeiFang Medical College, 9/1979~7/1983, Majored in Medicine




Plastic Surgeon, Affiliated Plastic Surgery Hospital and Plastic Surgery Research Institute of Weifang Medical University, Shandong, China.

  •  Professor of the surgery faculty in the university

  •  Researcher of the research institute of plastic surgery in the university

  •  Chief surgeon in the maxillofacial surgery department

  •  Supervisor of the postgraduate candidates

  •  Postgraduate students training

  •  Teacher of undergraduate student

  •  Routine plastic surgery operations

  •  Inpatient and outpatient visiting

  •  Cooperative surgeries with other specialty

  •  Junior fellow surgeon training



Plastic Surgeon, Plastic Surgery Department of the Chaoyang Hospital, Beijing, China.

  •  Maxillofacial surgeries

  •  Routine plastic surgery operations

  •  Inpatient and outpatient visiting

  •  Cooperative surgeries with other specialty

  •  Plastic surgery clinical research

  •  Junior fellow surgeon training



Surgical assistant, La Fontaine Medical Group, 890-A Yonge Street Toronto ON M4W 3P4

Ÿ  •  Assisting surgery

Ÿ  • Patient assessment and surgery preparation

Ÿ  •  Patient counseling

Ÿ  • Surgical technician in hair transplantation



Chief Plastic Surgeon, Surgery Department of the General Hospital of the Second Artillery Force of P.L.A., Beijing, China

  •  Leading the department in routine medical practice, organizing research and teaching program

  •  In charge of all the major surgeries of the department

  •  Deciding surgical plans for patients and performing most of the surgeries in the department

  •  Leading medical research programs sponsored by the Medical Council of China

  •  Training junior surgeons

  •  Organizing and writing yearly work report



Senior surgeon, Surgery Department of the General Hospital of the Second Artillery Force of P.L.A., Beijing, China

  •  In charge of surgical arrangement for the patients in the department

  •  Making treatment plans for patients

  •  Performing surgeries

  •  Training residents and junior surgeons

  •  Conduct clinical researches



Surgeon, General Surgery Department of Linqu Hospital, Shandong, China

  •  Helping to make surgery plans for patients in the department

  •  Performing surgeries

  •  Organizing and writing yearly work report



Succeeded in

  •  The Medical Council of Canada eva luating Examination (MCCEE) on March 3, 2002

  •  The Medical Council of Canada Qualifying Examination (MCCQE) Part I on May 7, 2003



Third Grade Award of Science and Technology Advancement, Logistic Board of Beijing Military District of the P.L.A.



Doctorate Degree: ?癟he Surgical Treatment of Facial Asymmetry with the Studies of Aesthetic Criteria of the Middle Face.?

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