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Welcome to Dr. Ma's personal Website. This website is designed, written and maintained by Dr. Ma himself. As a plastic and cosmetic surgeon and maxillofacial specialist, Dr. Ma couldn't do  IT  job  professionally by his own endeavor. However the purpose of setting up this web is to share with the viewers the true knowledge of plastic and cosmetic surgery as well as maxillofacial surgery in a professional angle of view. Visitors may also share Dr. Ma's  ideas, thoughts and his attitude toward plastic and cosmetic surgery and also his advise to the beauty seekers.

In order to help cosmetic surgery seekers to choose the right surgery, prevent  plastic and cosmetic surgery abuse and let the surgery help the candidates to solve their physical and psychological problems and to gain confidence and self-esteem more efficiently. Dr. Ma is very happy to put effort on this website in his spare time. And Dr. Ma also appreciates all kinds of supports from the viewer to make this site better and better.

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