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I am glad that you visit my website, so we have a chance to share information. I cherish the every chance of this kind. Let me first of all wish god bless your beauty happy life full of joy!

 A lot of people feel I am lucky because I was able to engage in plastic and cosmetic surgery industry very early, have formal education and turor's guidance, select the hottest maxillofacial specialty, performe more than 10 thousand surgeries, serve as general and cosmetic surgeon for more than twenty years and enjoy the opportunities to absorb medical knowledge n from the masterminds in Chin and abroad, to compare the ethical and physical differences. In fact, only deeply aware of my own, so many years of work and learning experiences really brought a lot of my happiness and achievment, together with some ordeal. Medicine is science of experience, so as cosmetic surgery. Plastic surgeons need to pay more time and energy in the career. They also need to accumulate more experience in doing surgeries. This means more responsibilities and more risks. From this point of view while some people envy me I envy those who occupied other careers than me.  I appreciate a newly met friend's words "the essence of life is the process of looking for a variety of stimuli,  happy or not depends only on their own to various stimuli, not the end result." Ah yes, let us accept the stimuli as the colorful flavors of life, no matter whether it is benign or malignant. My understanding of beauty is as follow. No one is absolutely beautiful, but everyone has the right to be more beautiful. It is absolutely possibility that everyone can be more beautiful, only to remember on the road of pursuing beauty lie pain, anxiety, surprise, excitement and touching!

As experienced as a plastic and cosmetic surgeon, I have great respect for my teachers, peers and younger colleagues. I know very well that if you say that I have some accomplishment in this area, it was because I was standing on the shoulders of giants. With my teacher, classmates and peer's help I could start at a higher level. My colleagues and peers have given me opportunities to rise. My patients also show me their support and understandings in a great deal as I am aware that my job is not perfect. So my grateful thanks to them sincerely!

 China's cosmetic surgery industry has developed rapidly. However, people's attitudes and awareness of cosmetic and plasticsurgery has not kept pace with. Some commercial propaganda is not so healthy. Here is my sincere word to the cosmetic surgery consumers. A successful and safe cosmetic and plastic surgery depends mainly on the excellent surgical technology, solid basic skills and constant knowledge updating of the surgeon, combined with advanced surgical and monitoring equipment and team work of medical staff, not rely on the diverse variety of new materials and new methods. Keep in mind the major technological advances certainly not be seen firstly in the cosmetic surgery commercial. Do not put the stress on implant materials, put yourself in a real good hand.

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