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Photos of the Zygomatic Bone

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The zygomatic bone is a diamond shaped human facial bone. Its function includes protection, supporting and providing attachment for the facial expression muscles. Even though this is a very important facial bone we normally do not know what it looks like because this bone is connected to the other facial bones very firmly and it is very difficult to separate it from the others. The whole skull is kind of familiar with us while a independent zygomatic bone can be scarcely seen. This page try to explain the relationship and the look of the zygomatic bone in plain photo and CT scan images.

the zygomatic bone and its neibough
The red arrows show the borders of the zygomatic bone and also the connection lines of the zygomatic bone to the other facial bones, this lines also know as the bone suture lines. These lines run very irregularly but them provide very strong connection force for the facial bones.

As depicted in the photo the zygomatic bone connects to the other three facial bones. Their joint line form three bone sutures as indicated by three red arrows in the photo. Arrow A points to the suture line of the zygomatic bone and the maxillary bone in its inner side. Arrow B points at the suture line between the zygomatic bone and its upper neighbor the frontal bone. Arrow C indicates the rear suture line between the zygomatic bone and the temporal bone.

photo of zygomatic bone
Photo of the zygomatic bone alone. This photo shows the zygomatic bone separated from other facial bones.

The red arrow in this photo points at the zygomaticofacial foramen, a small hole in the upper part of the zygomatic bone and  at the lower lateral of the orbit cavity. The zygomaticofacial nerve comes out from this opening then spread into the covering soft tissue and skin of the zygomatic bone and passes sensory signal to the brain. The zygomaticofacial nerve is a sensory nerve and a branch divided from the trigeminal nerve. Damage of this nerve may cause the sensory dysfunction on the skin over the zygomatic bone. However in most cases damage of the zygomaticofacial nerve may not induce any facial sensory function abnormality because in most of the people the communicating branches of the facial nerve to the zygomaticofacial nerve is plenty and these connecting branches take over the function in case there is a injury on the zygomaticofaical nerve.

3D CT image of the facial bone
The suture lines between the zygomatic bone and other facial bones can be seen clearly on CT image showing in red arrows in this picture.

CT image of the zygomatic bone
The image of the zygomatic bone cut out from the CT image of the facial bone. Its is in the same shape of the real zygomatic bone as in the third photo in this page.

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