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Augmentation Rhinoplaty and Blephroplasty

Homepage Star of July 2012
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Many ladies and gentlemen of Asian origin bear a small nose, not high enough, not straight enough and not big enough to match their wide face. In this instance a rhinoplasy means to increase the size of the nose, to make the base of the nose higher and to stretch the nose longer if needed. There are many ways to fulfill the above goal. However augmentation rhinoplasty is still the most practical, the most economic, the simplest and the least work day lose surgery for suitable candidates.

This month's Homepage Star introduces an augmentation rhinoplasty and a blepharoplasty patient of Dr. Fushun Ma many years ago. From the before and after surgery photos we could see that two miner surgeries changed this girl's facial appearance fundamentally. Upon seeing her the first time after surgery all her relatives and friends believed she is a different person. She is also satisfied with her result so that she could not help to stop smile at the time when she toke her after surgery photos. Even her facial expression also is different from before the surgery. She told Dr. Ma that she didn't like her low nasal base and nasal bridge and she also felt that the skin of her upper eyelid was too saggy and her eyelash was too short. knowing many people had their rhinoplasty and blepharoplasty surgery done she wanted to take a change to do the surgeries. She didn't expect those surgeries could have such a big impact on her visage.

before and after photos of rhinoplasty
After rhinoplasty and blepharoplasty this girl seemed to changed to another person.

augmentation rhinoplasty
After augmentation rhinoplasty the nose is bigger and higher. The nasal base is no more flat.

 rhinoplasty and blepharoplasty
In profile the whole nose is higher and straighter. However the nasal bridge is still possess a natural curve.

silicon nasal implant chin up position
In chin up position after rhinoplasty the columallar is longer, the nasal tip is pointer and the shape of the nostril looks prettier.

The photos tell us that this beautiful girl's facial appearance changed very much after surgery. That is because she was a very good candidate for augmentation rhinoplasty and blepharoplasty. In the frontal view her before surgery photo shows that her nasal base is low, her upper eyelid is saggy and her inner canthus is too narrow. All those arrangements made the triangle between two eyes and nose flat. This also made her eyes looks too distant from each other. After surgery the nasal base and nasal bridge is higher and the triangle is no more flat. The skin fold in the inner canthus is lifted to make the eyes look nearer to each other. These changes give her a smarter facial figure.

The nose of this girl is longer after surgery in front, profile and angled view. There are two mechanisms for the nose to become longer. One is on the op end of the nose. The base of the nose is augmented high, the beginning of the nose is higher so the nose is longer. The other is at the bottom end of the nose. The nasal implant pushes the nasal tip downward. This also let the nose longer.

In the chin up position because of the pushing effect of the nasal implant the tip of the nose is narrower, the nasal columallar is longer and the shape of the nostril looks nicer.

This girl's blepharoplasty has not been done radically. The post surgery result is natural. After surgery her eyes open wider. This let her eyes look more brighter and energetic.

Nasal implant augmentation rhinoplasty is a very mature cosmetic surgery. It has been introduced for many many years and tons of plastic surgeon can perform this surgery skillfully. Though many other surgeries has been introduced that could also make the nose higher and longer nasal implant augmentation rhinoplasty is still the favorite selection of many plastic surgeons and cosmetic surgery seekers as its minimal invasive, easy handling and fast recovery. Till now nasal implant augmentation rhinoplasty remains the most popular surgery among all rhinoplasty surgeries.

In order to achieve a good result surgeons must pay attention to surgical indications of this surgery. For the majority of rhinoplasty candidates a simple augmentation will be suitable. However for some other candidates, such as those with deviated nose, wide nasal bone, camel hump nose or nose with huge tip, a simple augmentation will not be able to make the nose look good enough. In this instance other corresponding surgeries must be done ahead to pave the road for a simple augmentation. On the other hand though this surgery is a surgery that is simple to learn for a plastic surgeon but to have a good control of this surgery's final result needs a surgeon to practice for many years and it also challenge a surgeon's judgment toward beauty. A surgeon's good surgical skill and profound experience on rhinoplasty is required to carve the implant in a perfect shape and to prevent complications such as implant deviation and wound infection from happening.

Nasal implant augmentation rhinoplasty means to insert some kind of synthetic material into the nasal tissue to make the nose bigger and higher. The earliest and widely used synthetic material is silicon. This material is cheap and stable with longest observation period than any other materials. So it is still been widely used nowadays. Following the technology improvement many new synthetic materials keeps been introduced as nasal implant for us to select. All the approved synthetic materials are safe and harmless to the human body. So there is no need to replace the implant periodically if there is no complication happened. Cautions must be taken to use injectable material to do augmentation rhinoplasty. A injection augmentation is easy to do and minimal invasive, nevertheless the injected material can't be removed completely once injected to the body. In case there is a complication such as infection or allergy the irremovable residual injectable material could cause big trouble.

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