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Changing the Face Slimmer in One OR Trip

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For those who have a big wide face their main complain always is like " I specially do not like my big face, please change my face as slimmer as possible." If take a close look of their face one may notice that the whole face is big and round. In this circumstance the face can't be downsized just by a simple zygomatic reduction or mandible reduction. No matter the zygoma surgery which reduces the size of the middle face or the mandible surgery which reduces the width of the lower face is undertaken only the middle or lower part of the face is narrowed down,respectively the spared part of the face could become relatively bigger, thus the balance of the whole face is compromised.

The girl in this page has a big round face. Her facial type is not a diamond one caused by the over growth of the zygomatic bone no square type caused by the mandible and masseter muscle hypertrophy. She was always conscious with her big face and had a low self-esteem because of that. Zygomatic bone or mandible reduction alone can't help her much. She need a combination of surgeries including zygomatic bone and zygomatic arch reduction, mandible bone and masseter muscle reduction, and also soft tissue trimming in the area between the zygomatic arch and mandible angles. On top that her facial asymmetry also needed surgical care.

face reduction
A combination of surgeries changed the big face to a slimmer one.

change the big face slimmer in one Or trip
Multiple surgeries in on OR trip make the big face smaller and sizes of the face in different parts remain balanced.

face redution profile view
The volume shrinkage of the facial soft tissue didn't cause facial sagging as unique surgical technique had been used which could prevent soft tissue downward movement.

As in the before surgery photo beside big in size this girl's face is also asymmetric with a "C" type facial mid line deviation. In the after surgery photo the asymmetry of the face is improved. She didn't do any deviation correction surgery this improvement came from the tailored adjustment of each side during the mandible and zygomatic reduction surgeries. On the other hand the size reduction of the face also make the asymmetry less obvious. Another important change in the front view photo is the ration between the forehead to the middle and lower face. Before surgery the forehead is relatively narrow compared to the rest part of the face given her face in a reversed "V" shape. The surgeries trimmed the middle and lower face changed her face in a "Oval" type.

In the profile photo the facial slimming effect can also been demonstrated. Multiple surgeries in different areas reduced the face evenly, no localized indentation nor asymmetry had happened as an complication. The after surgery face contour is more natural and smooth.

Many candidates have a concern of facial sagginess at their consultations of facial bone reduction surgery. They believe that after the volume reduction of the facial bone the overlap soft tissue and skin will become relatively redundant and saggy. In fact other than the volume reduction caused by the sub dermal fat loss in the aging process the volume change in facial bone reduction surgery happens at the deep level of muscle and bone and hardly show any signs on the skin. On the contrary the elastic skin retraction after the deep level volume reduction can lift the face somehow, making the surgery taker look younger. However some surgery method of facial bone reduction have a high rate side effect of facial sagginess  mainly because the way of bone reduction in these methods is impropriate. A careful selection of surgery procedure can effective prevent facial sagginess from happening.

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