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Big Face Reduction 

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In everyday life there are always some people blame there big face and want make their face smaller. When they consult for surgery they may be suggested different kinds of procedures depend on which surgeon they see. And the more surgeons consulted the easier one can get lost on which procedure is suitable. For example if a surgeon who is good at lipo suction is encountered a lipo suction on the face may be suggested, or a maxillofacial surgeon may likely suggest facial bone reduction, let alone facial injection in the present era of micro surgery.  Not like simple over growth of mandible bone or zygomatic bone, which can be dealt with only one procedure such as mandible reduction or zygoma reduction, most of the candidates of big face need a combination of surgeries including bone and soft tissue reduction. In this scenario localized reduction of any part of the face will produce an unnatural look.

The girl in this page possess a big face. Every parts of her face were evenly big. If a soft tissue reduction was done on her face her face would look bony because of the facial bone would be relatively bigger over the soft tissue. Otherwise if only the facial bone was reduced her face would be floppy as the soft tissue became relative excessive. So for this girl in order to make her face smaller naturally and effectively, bone and soft tissue reduction should been done simultaneously. Her surgery was doe accordingly and she is satisfied with the after surgery result.

big face reduction
Bone and soft tissue reduction surgeries made the big face evenly smaller.

big face rudtion surgery before and after
From this angle of view the size of the lateral face is smaller and the bony lines of the mandible bone become less obvious after surgery.

big face reduction surgery
The facial outline changed smoother after big face reduction.

This girl's face was evenly big without localized oversize before surgery. In this situation if only mandible, zygomatic bone or facial soft tissue reduction was done respectively her facial harmony would be interfered. Instead she underwent a combination of surgeries including mandible reduction, masseter muscle partial resectomy, buccal fat removal and facial lipo suction. After surgery her face was reduced effectively and the face looks quite narrower than in the pre-surgery photo. However if taking a careful look one will notice the chin is a little bit too wide compared to the rest off the face. This is because she didn't do any surgery on her chin while other parts of the face narrows down, so the chin appears wider. If she could do a chin advancement surgery on top of all the surgeries she had done her chin could be narrowed down to fit her face and also the relationship between the chin, lip and the nasal tip in profile view would improve too.

The front view photos show the temporal areas are fuller after surgery. But she didn't do any surgery in that region. This result is due to the narrow down effect of the middle and lower face. The rest of the photos also show that the bony outline of the mandible is less obvious and the high light area on the zygomatic region disappeared in the after surgery side of the pictures. All these changes made her face look more feminine.

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