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Underbite Correction Plastic Surgery

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Normally or for most people the upper set of teeth is located in front of and partially cover the lower set. This kind of occlusion is call the normal overbite occlusion. When the jaw is overgrowth or the upper jaw is undergrowth or even both anomalies coexist the lower set of teeth protrudes to the front of the upper set forming the abnormality of underbite. In this case the jaw is big, the lower lip is more protruding than the upper one, the middle part of the face is inverted, the relationship of the incisors on the upper and lower jaw is abnormal and even speech dysfunction is observed in some severe cases. The etioloty of underbite is not clear. It may be related to genetic and bad habits. The best way to prevent this abnormality is early growth intervention in adolescents either by restricting the growth of the mandible bone or stimulating the growth of the maxillary bone to balance the growth rate of the upper and lower jaws. However this treatment is not practical because of the difficulty of early detection of this abnormality in early childhood. If the problem is detected late in adulthood the only choice left is surgery.

Traditionally the indication of surgery for underbite patient is strict as the early operation method of correction was traumatic and the surgical instruments was relatively inaccurate. Candidates of minor underbite without functional disabilities often was advised to give up the idea of making themselves look better by surgeries. Now as the improvement of surgical technique and surgical instruments grants the surgery less traumatic. People have less tolerance toward any facial problem.  More and more candidates want their underbite surgery to be done just for improving their visage. The beautiful girl in this page had a minor underbite deformity. However her appearance was improved greatly by the correction surgery. She believes that the surgery is well paid off.

underbite plastic surgery
After underbite correction the chin is smaller and set back, the whole face is shorter too.

before and after underbite correction surgery
In the front view a shorter smaller chin and a fuller upper lip is observed in the after surgery photo.

 underbite profile
In profile view the whole mandible bone is smaller and the relationship between the lips are back to normal after underbite correction surgery.

underbite chip up
In chin up position the lip chin fossa is deeper indicating that the size of the chin bone is smaller.

This beautiful girl's facial contour changes are best depicted in the angled front view photos. In general impression her face changed from masculine to feminine, from rough to fine and from wild to gentle. The surgery moved her mandible bone backward and upward making the lower mandible line shorter, the chin receded and lower, the lower lip sited to the back of the upper lip and the upper lower lips' relationship back to normal. The upward chin bone movement made the length of the whole face shorter and the length to width ratio of the face more natural.

In the front view again the face is shorter and the length to width ratio is more proportional. The shortening of the chin make the facial height of the lower third equal to the upper and middle thirds. The upper lip is fuller in this angle of view too.

The middle part indentation of the before surgery photo twisted the frontal facial outline to the shape of a crescent moon. This mid face indentation is actually caused by the protrusion of the chin bone. In underbite correction surgery Sagittal Split Osteotomy of the mandible bone is utilized to set the mandible bone backward and upward. This procedure can move the mandible bone almost in any direction and in any scale. So no matter how severe the underbite is the deformity can always be corrected. Though this girl's underbite is minor Sagittal Split Osteotomy is still needed to fix her problem, only the scale of movement is less than an severe one. In her after surgery photo the receding effect of the chin improves the indentation of the middle face.

In chin up position the mandible line can be clearly show. If we compare these two photos we will conclude that the mandible line is shore in the after surgery photo. The other easy to neglect change is the lip chin fossa, which is the indentation between the lower lip and the chin. The shortening of the mandible bone reduce the tension applied in the surrounding soft tissue of the chin. The relaxation of the skin and soft tissue made the fossa deeper.

When the candidates of minor underbite seeking surgical help they may encounter some surgeons who suggest camouflage cosmetic surgeries. However surgeries that could camouflage underbite deformity are very rare. Theoretically a overgrowth mandible bone needs a bigger maxillary bone to camouflage. But behind the upper lip there is only a tiny space possible for implant insertion. It is not practical to augment the upper jaw remarkably enough to match the lower jaw only by implant. On the other hand the Lefort I osteotomy upper jaw forward sliding surgery is as complicated as the Sagittal Split Osteotomy Surgery of the mandible. Instead of being a camouflage surgery the Lefort I surgery is a major surgery. And also only when the maxillary bone is undergrowth a upper jaw forward sliding surgery is needed. Further more the underbite candidates also have occlusion abnormalities that can not be camouflaged by any surgery.

The post surgery photos of the beautiful girl in this page was token two years after her surgery. At that time her facial contour was already stable.

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