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Plastic Surgery Changing Asymmetric Square Face to Oval One

Homepage Star of June 2012
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Among Dr. Fushun Ma's facial contour surgery candidates, some of them wanted to change their face dramatically. Some others didn't want to change their facial contour fundamentally. They seek contour surgery that can just improve their appearance without a big change and at the same time keep the facial outline natural. When encountering those candidates who want to change their face in a natural way Dr. Ma always feel difficulty to pine point how big the change should be. Technically mandible reduction surgery could change the facial contour in a big deal. If a cosmetic surgery seeker come to Dr. Ma and tell Dr. Ma that she wants to make a change as big as possible Dr. Ma will have more confidence of satisfying her or him. So to have a candidate who wants to change his or her facial contour and at the same time wants the post surgical result natural is some kind of challenge to a plastic and cosmetic surgeon. The good thing is that Dr. Ma possess before and after surgery pictures of different levels of facial contour change for showing to the possible surgery candidates. So they can pick the level of change they prefer and this certainly help Dr. Me to understand his patients better.

This month's homepage star is such a girl who wanted to change her facial and change it in a subtle way. Mandible reduction and masseter muscle partial resectomy surgeries was performed for her by Dr. Fushun Ma. All the following photos depict her facial contour changes between before and after surgery. Originally this girl's face is kind of square and asymmetric. After surgery her face type changed to a "oval one" with the facial width gradually narrow down from the top to the bottom of her face and her face looks more symmetric. It proofs that a subtle change on her face contour really improved her overall visage. The girl is satisfied with the result and Dr. Ma also consider this is a successful case.

square face to oval one
The asymmetric square face changed to a oval one after mandible reduction surgery. The post surgery face contour looks natural and no traces of surgery left.

asymmetric square face plastic srugery
In 45 degree angled view the size of the mandible bone is smaller. The mandible angle is not sharp any more. The mandible line is lifted and smoother.

square face to oval face platic srugery 
The other side 45 degree angled view shows the same change. However the amount of bone and soft tissue removal is different from each other. Only if doing so the facial asymmetry could be corrected.

lateral view of square face plastic surgery
In profile view the mandible bone and mandible angle is smaller. However the angle of mandible is still exist and there is no "horse face deformity" caused by excessive bone resectomy. No local indentation caused by the uncontrolled masseter muscle removal.

This beautiful girl's desire of her facial contour change represents a bunch of cosmetic surgery seekers. She represents those who want their facial contour change in a subtle way. These candidates need their after surgery result to be natural without any trace of plastic surgery. But this doesn't mean they give up the idea of changing their facial contour, they still want to change their facial contour in some extent. This kind of demand often throws the plastic surgeon in a dilemma. As of which part of the face needs to be reduced and in what extent that will satisfy the surgery receiver are points that challenge the surgeon's brain.

During practice Dr. Fushun Ma often meets patients who have already underwent facial contour surgery complain that their face contour doesn't change at all. Some patients brought their before and after surgery photos at consultation. Dr. Ma notice that some of the before and after photos do look the same while the others really changed. For those photos without change the surgery may be performed too conservative. For those photos with change but the patients still believe that there is no change the surgery may not satisfy the demand of the patient or the patient may forgot what her face look like before the surgery. This is a common scenario. Even some of the photos have a fundamental change in face contour the owner of the photos still believe that there is not change. This is understandable as the reduction result shows gradually over time, it is difficult for the patient to notice the change.

The front view photo of this girl depicts that the original square face changed to a oval one. After surgery the heavy lower face become lighter. At the same time the asymmetric mandible is corrected. The overgrowth mandible body, mandible angle and masseter muscle constitute this girl's square face and the sharp turn mandible angle. And also this girl's right side mandible line located lower than the left side making the right side of the face longer than the left side. The reduction surgery corrected this asymmetry as well as reducing the size of the mandible bone and mandible angle.

Post operatively the mandible lines on both side of the face are lifted and the mandible angle are not as sharp as before the surgery in profile view and 45 degree angled view. The border line between the face and neck is soft but still exist. Comparing the right and the left side respectively we can find out that the size of the right side is reduced much more than the left side. That means the volume of tissue removal from the right side is big than the left side. This individual treatment made the face more symmetric. If we exam the post surgery photos we could tell this girl's face is much more symmetric no matter in front or 45 degree angled view.

This beautiful girl's post surgery photos was token 10 months after surgery. At this time the final surgery result has been revealed mostly. Her face will go more narrow later on but in a relatively small scale. She is satisfied with her surgery.

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