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Square Face to Oval Face Surgery

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For those square faced candidates whose zygomatic bone and zygomatic arch are not oversized a simple mandible bone reduction and partial masseter muscle removal could change the facial type to the ideal "oval face". And also if the chin bone is not too wide or if "melon seed face" is not the desired target facial type there is no need to trim the chin bone slimmer. In this scenario the removal amount of the mandible bone and the masseter muscle should be carefully controlled to avoid any indentation or "cut corner" deformity caused by the excessive reduction and to ensure a natural connection between the chin and the mandible. As a result of surgical technique improvement and accumulation of surgical experience more and more plastic surgeons can handle osteotomized mandible reduction. With this method it is easy to cut the bone and the muscle too much than needed if not carefully controlled. The adverse result caused by excessive reduction is actually more difficult to mend than not enough reduction. Problem caused by excessive reduction is often encountered in Dr. Ma's before surgery consultation sessions.

When we have the technique that could reduce the size of the face in a great scale the challenge of how much of tissue removal is appropriate for a particular candidate arise. A fully understanding of the candidate's goal and detailed analysis of individual's facial type, shape and size of the mandible bone and masseter muscle are the keys of increasing the satisfaction rate. For this case only mandible reduction and masseter muscle partial removal surgeries were done. These surgeries were not complicated. However the surgical result was well controlled. Her facial type do changed as desired without any problems caused by excessive tissue removal and also the face is more symmetric after surgery.

square face to oval face surgery
After mandible bone and masseter muscle partial resectomy the square face changed to a smoother oval one and the the face is more symmetric.

square face to oval face angled view
In angled view the change seems not dramatic however the mandible line is noticeably more gentle and nicer.

 square face to oval face
A natural mandible angle still exist in the after surgery photo.

The goal of controlled tissue removal is to let the post surgery facial contour natural and smooth. Take the example of this lady her chin bone was not very wide and she didn't want to change her face to a narrow "melon seed" type. Her mandible reduction had been done according to the width of the chin bone. The extra bone tissue at the mandible body and mandible corner was trimmed off. So that the mandible line looks as the extension of the chin line both in the frontal and lateral view, avoided any irregularity and unnatural sign at the lower face.

In order to achieve the goal a detailed surgical plan and accurate surgical operation are preferred. Before surgical planning local physical examination and CT maxillary bone scan are performed to understand the shape, size and symmetry of the mandible bone and masseter muscle. Based on these information the volume of reduction of each side is estimated. The surgery should then been performed carefully and the volume of tissue removal need to be checked from time to time. All these efforts help in achieving a natural and smooth change from square face to the ideal oval face.

Before surgery CT scan shown that the angle of mandible of this girl was already more than 120 degree a simple corner excision would increase the degree of the angle, exceeding the normal range of the angle degree and causing a "horse face" look at profile, apparently not a good selection. Instead her mandible angle was carved smaller to match the reduced size of the mandible body. After surgery this girl's face is narrowed down remarkably. However her mandible angle is still naturally visible.

The after surgery photos in this page was taken 3 months post surgery.

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