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Trimming the Face in Stages

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To trim a big face smaller multiple surgeries normally needed. The big face here meant the whole parameter of the face is big different from the localized facial overgrowth. The effect of localized facial overgrowth forms characterized facial type. For example localized overgrowth of the zygomatic bone and zygomatic arch will make the facial type of a diamond. The benign hypertrophy of the mandible bone and masseter muscle will constitute a "square face". The excess frontward growth of the mandible bone will end up forming an overbite occlusion. The facial problems caused by localized overgrowth can be dealt with a single surgery. However if the whole face is big multiple maxillary bone surgeries, or even a combination of bone and soft tissue surgeries are needed in order to trim the face slimmer and more beautiful.

The pretty girl on this page had a big face characterized by mandible bone and masseter muscle overgrowth on the big facial parameter background. She was a good candidate for mandible bone, masseter muscle and zygomatic bone reduction surgeries. As the wide lower face was her major concern mandible bone and masseter muscle reduction surgeries were conducted at the first stage. After surgery the width of her lower face was reduced satisfactorily. However the width of the middle face appeared too wide compared to the narrowed lower face. So cheek bone reduction surgery was operated one year after the first surgery. The final result shows a harmonic beautiful face with different parts of the facial size in proportion.

facial reduction surgery
Before and after surgery photos of mandible bone, masseter muscle, zygomatic bone and zygomatic muscle reduction surgeries in stages.

face reduction in stages
Photos at one year and 6 years after mandible reduction and zygomatic reduction surgeries in stages.

 oblique view after facial reduction
After reduction surgeries the size of the face is smaller and also the neck is longer.

oblique view photo after face reduction surgery
The surgeries made the girl's face smaller and after surgery she also looks younger.

chin down position after facial trimming surgery
The facial width is much smaller after surgery in this position of view.

chin down position after facial trimming surgery1
After the mandible bone and masseter muscle reduction surgeries in the middle photo the width of this girl's mid face didn't change. In the photo on the most right side the mid facial width narrowed down markedly with zygomatic bone and zygomatic arch reduction surgeries.

In the two picture groups the after surgery pictures show the remarkable facial reduction effect. Because of the magnifying difference the two pictures seemed occupy similar areas in the frame. However the relative position changes to the facial organ caused by the facial size reduction are very obvious. The facial organs are no more concentrated in the middle but scattered out, and they also look relatively bigger as the facial frame became smaller.

The three picture groups show the changes brought by mandible bone and zygomatic bone reductions respectively. The facial size reduction is most effective with mandible bone reduction because for this girl a great amount of tissue from the mandible bone and masseter muscle could be removed. The facial size reduction effect from zygomatic bone plastic surgery is less obvious than the mandible bone reduction because the amount of tissue removal in the zygomatic plastic surgery could not be as free as in the mandible reduction. Never the less, the zygomatic plastic surgery still play a key roll in the improvement of this girl's figure as we can see in the picture on the most right side of the three picture groups the facial contour is more natural and smoother. These kinds of effect are well demonstrated in the front view photos. After the first stage of surgery the facial size is abruptly shrunken in the lower half of the face giving an unbalanced heavy head facial contour. Only when the second stage of surgery reduced the width of the middle portion the facial contour looks harmonic.

A common concern for facial size reduction is whether a surgery on one area of the face could end up disfiguring the rest of the areas. A frequently asked question is as follow. "Doctor, if I make my cheek bone smaller may my jaw bone become too big to let me look ugly?" Dr. Ma's answer to this quest is "though the start condition is different for every candidate each reduction surgery could improve the facial figure in one way or the other if the indication of surgery is well controlled in each reduction surgery". The key here is the control of surgical indication. In other words, it is import to find out the cause of an unwanted facial contour. For example if a disfigure is caused by an pair of oversized cheek bone, then cheek bone reduction surgery will definitely improve the figure, no need to worry that the surgery may induce an oversized mandible bone. In this scenario even the jaw bone looks bigger then before the surgery this only mean the jaw bone portion in the face go back to normal and because of that the face looks more beautiful. The following extreme example is often mention by Dr. Ma during consultation to explain the mechanism. For example if a huge tumor exceeding the size of the face located on the head of the face would look slim. But this "slim" is not normal slim. After the tumor is removed the face would look relatively bigger. This "bigger" is the normal bigger which make the face look more beautiful for sure.

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