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Combined Facial Contour Surgeries for a "V" Line Face

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Maxillary bone is the facial bones that form the contour of the face. In the past maxillofacial surgery meant to treat both the congenital and acquired maxillary deformities. However nowadays the most done maxillofacial surgery is actually maxillofacial cosmetic surgery on faces without any deformity. The purpose of these surgery is to make the face look more beautiful or change the facial contour to a certain type. Not like deformity correction the cosmetic maxillofacial surgery seeks higher standard of cosmetic result and facial symmetry, at the same time minimal invasive, less post surgery complication and fast recovery.

For those who want to change their facial contour dramatically such as change the face from a "square" one to a "V line" one, a single maxillofacial surgery often can't achieve the goal. Then combination usage of multiple surgeries in different parts of the face are considered. A proper selected combination of surgeries can profoundly change the facial contour, even can achieve surprising cosmetic result. On the contrary improper selection of surgeries or overdone maxillofacial surgeries may destroy the harmony and interfere with the facial figure. The girl in this page did Zygomatic Bone and Zygomatic Arch Smooth Reduction Surgery, Bone Carving Mandible Reduction and Partial Masseter Muscle Resection Surgery, chin implant removal and Chin Forward Sliding Surgery in different stages. The combination use of surgeries eventually achieved her goal of a "V" shape facial type.

combind maxillofacial surgery
Pre and 3 years post surgery photos show profound facial type change after multiple maxillofacial surgeries.

combined facial surgery for changing facial type
Compared to the 2 year's post surgery photo the size of the face in the 3 year's photo is still quite smaller, demonstrating  that the swelling caused by the internal scar take time to subside.

 profiel view after combind maxillofacial surgeries
This angled view shows the disappearance of the high light on the zygomatic area and the lengthening of the mandible lower line after combined maxillofacial surgeries.

profiel view after combind maxillofacial surgeries
Different from the 3 year's post surgery photo the 2 year's post surgery photo still looks swelling somehow.

zygomatic bone and zygomatic arch reduction surgery
In chin down view the width of the middle face is obviously narrower and the face is also longer after the surgeries.

chin down position after zygomatic surgery
The zygomatic arch is already narrow in the 2 year's post surgery photo. However the narrow down effect is even more obvious in the 3 year's after surgery photo.

This girl is very satisfied with her result and came back for follow-up several times so we can enjoy her series of post surgery photos in different post surgery time frame. The two picture groups include photos of before surgery and 3 years after surgery. The three picture groups include photos of before surgery, 2 years and 3 years after surgery. The photos of 2 years after surgery has already changed a lot than the pre surgery photo. However the faces in the 3 years post surgery photo is still much more slimmer than the 2 years ones. This phenomenon demonstrates the character of the maxillofacial surgery that is the facial contour keeps changing in a very long period after surgery. The possible reason for this is explained in "Zygoma and Mandible Bone Reduction with Masseter Muscle Resection".

Though Dr. Ma always advise patients that the post surgery result may take more than one year to reveal, many patient still call within a month after surgery complaining no change has been noticed. Dr. Ma can only reassure them that it is too soon to see the result at the time and tell them that if the result is satisfied at one month the surgery may well be overdone. Even so Dr. Ma keeps getting calls that is not necessary or some patient may get an unnecessary CT done within one month. Dr. Ma understands the feeling of some patients and also want his patient to have a relax and good mood during the early post surgery stage to insure a smooth recovery. When Dr. Ma was younger and had not enough experience he didn't hold on with patients unreasonable request and did couple of enhance surgeries within half year of the first surgery because the complain of no obvious effect. For these patients they are very happy with the result at the first year maybe. Later they would find out the surgery was overdone. Then they had to take more surgeries to mandate otherwise they will look not good for many many years. And the correction of an overdone surgery is often more complicated. So it is very important not to rush into an enhance surgery following a maxillofacial surgery.

For "V" line surgery the basic knowledge of the cosmetic surgery seeker most probably comes from some Korean website believing that this surgery is simply to osteotomize the chin bone horizontally, removing a piece of bone in the middle part and fixing the rest of the bone back to the jaw. In fact the above described method is only good for candidates with big square and forwardly protruding chin. For candidates with retrograded chin such procedures which can only narrow the chin bone can't help much in produce a "V" line figure because if the chin is still retrograded the shape of the chin bone will not be able to show no matter how narrow the chin bone is. The girl of this page did chin implant surgery before. Once the implant was removed her chin was retrograded. So Chin Forward Sliding and Narrowing surgeries were employed and a "V" shape jaw line was achieved. We frequently see pictures with a very pointing chin tip on the web. Most of these candidates underwent injection of sub dermal injectable to enhance the tip of the chin. For this case we didn't use any foreign material in the formation of her beautiful "V" line jaw.

If a candidate's cheek bone, jaw bone and masseter muscle are not oversize the "V" line coutour could be achieved by surgeries on the chin bone. The girl of this page had wide middle face because of the big cheek bone. A chin and mandible bone reduction surgery alone could only make the lower face disproportionally narrowed down forming a "top" shape face. So her zygoma reduction was necessary.

Whether doing the multiple surgeries at one session or in different stages is debatable. Dr. Ma's answer to this question is to balance the need of the patient and the risk factors of the surgeries. The benefit of doing the surgeries in one session is solving all the requests in one entry to the OR, under one anesthesia attempt and asking one leave from work for the patients. However its disadvantage is also obvious, such as more traumatic, surgeries interfering each other and difficult to predict the outcome after the interaction of different surgeries at the same area. Practically Dr. Ma normally combine two surgeries in one session if needed. Zygomatic reduction can go together with mandible reduction and masseter muscle reduction or mandible reduction with chin forward sliding advancement. If more than two surgeries need to be done the third one should wait one year, at least half year after the first stage. Because it normally take one year for the final result to show after maxillofacial surgeries and also it is wise to plan the next surgery depend on the first surgery's steady outcome. Cosmetic surgery candidates should always remember that upgrading one's figure is always a journey not a jump.

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