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Parted Lips and Sticking Out Teeth Correction Surgery

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Most people like to smile and they surely open their lips to show their teeth when smiling and laughing. Whereas some people always show their teeth between the open lips no matter happy or not, even in an unhappy mode. This does not mean that these people do not want to keep their lips closed. On the contrary they know that they have the problem and always try to close their lips, especially in important occasions such as on the stage during a meeting. In order to close their lips they have to use muscle to force their lips to close, and prolonged muscle contraction can cause tired and painful experience on lips. This functional and appearance abnormalities are caused by maxillary and mandibular bone hyperplasia leading to protrusions of the jaws and the teeth so that the lips cannot wrap the teeth in relax position. Medically, this situation is called bimaxillary protrusion deformity. People with this problem may firstly tend to seek the help of oral surgeons. For slight protrusion orthodontic treatment can achieve acceptable result. Maxillofacial surgery is the treatment of choice for severe protruding maxilla.

The beauty below had parted lips and sticking out teeth. Though having carried out several dental treatments including dental orthodontics and porcelain fused to metal crown treatment her lips still could not remain closed in relax position. After physical examination upon her arrival doctor Fushun Ma concluded she had bimaxillary protrusion deformity. Her upper and lower jaws didn't protruded forwardly too much but the height of them predominantly increased. It meant that her alveolar bones of the upper and lower jaws were thick than average, whereas the heights of her upper and lower lips did not increase correspondingly.  In other words, her lip heights did not match the heights of the teeth, so her lips could not cover the teeth and her mouth couldn't close naturally.

parted lips and sticking out teeth
(Left)Her lips cannot remain closed in relax before surgery,(Right) Lips Close naturally after surgery.

bimaxillary protrusion plastic surgery
(Left) Obvious teeth exposure at smile before bimaxillary protrusion plastic surgery. (Right) Natural teeth exposure at smile after surgery.

 parted lips and sticking teeth
(Left)Before surgery the lips are parted and teeth shown in relax.(Right) After surgery no teeth is shown even in smile.

This girl underwent "Bimaxillary Protrusion Reduction" surgery. In this surgery two teeth will be extracted out from the upper and lower sets of teeth respectively, and then the frontal section of the maxillary and mandible bones are cut through, moved backward, and finally fixed. But for her the backward movement alone was not enough. Most importantly the front sections of her upper and lower jaw bones needed to moved upward and downward correspondingly in order to shorten the height of the front part of the maxillary and mandible bones. In this way, her maxillary and mandible bones are not only smaller in size but also their position has been changed to avoid interfering with the natural closing of the lips.

Through comparison of these pre and post surgery photos of various angles we can easily find out that the main change of this girl's appearance is the diminishing of her parted lips and sticking out teeth. As seen from the left and right lateral photos her upper and lower jaws move back just slightly. Whereas both the nasal labial angle and the lip chin angle change to bigger in the after surgery photo if we check the photos carefully. This change is mainly caused by setting back, or the volume reduction of the alveolar bones near to the teeth, rather than the change of the jaw bone near to the nose or chin. Dr. Fushun Ma did not simply move back the front section of this girl's jaw bone in a parallel way but also in vertical directions combined with rotation.

The change of the protrusion degree and the angle difference between the before and after photos cannot be observed in the front view, but we can tell that the lower face is smaller and most importantly the mouth is smaller in the after surgery front view photo. Dynamically her smile is more natural and gentle in the after surgery photo, which is impossible before surgery. If only the chins are compared, the post surgery one seems higher. This due to the lower lip upward flip and the change of the lip chin angle, or we could say the changes caused by the closure of the lips. In this case, her face hasn't changed longer.

Traditionally reduction bimaxillary plasty is considered to be a major maxillofacial surgery. Intermaxillary ligations used to be applied to fix the osteotomized movable bones by tying them up in promoting healing. With the improvement and development of maxillofacial fixation technique, many doctors are no longer use intermaxillary ligation in bimaxillary surgeries, but plate and screw solid fixation. So patients normally go back to soft food the next day, this alleviate  pain and discomfort from patients in a great deal. Further more, the new technique of tension plate fixation developed by  Dr. Fushun Ma use only minimum amount of plate achieving even stronger fixation effect ensuring healing of the osteotomized bone with less surgical trauma. All these improvements reduce the complexity and risk of this surgery. So that it has been accepted by more and more people with parted lips and sticking out teeth.

Postoperative pictures of this beautiful girl were taken three years after surgery.

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