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Horizontal Osteotomy Advancement Genioplasty

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Advancement Genioplasty

Advancement Genioplasty also called Forward Sliding Genioplasty or Horizontal Osteotomy Advancement Genioplasty. It meant to horizontally cut free a piece of the lower part of the chin bone beneath the apex of the lower jaw teeth and then sliding this piece of the free bone forward and downward to make the chin longer and more protrusion. This surgery augments the chin naturally and effectively without implanting any foreign material into the body. It is the surgery of choice in treating retrusion chin and retrognathia and the ideal replacement surgery for chin implant. Ever more for those candidates who are not suitable for chin implant the Advancement Genioplasty still can make a perfect "V" shape jaw line.

advancement genioplasty pre and post operation pictures
advancement genioplasty pre and post operation pictures. Pre operatively the vertical length of the chin is too small to match the whole facial length. Post operatively the chin is longer and whole face looks more proportional.

oblique view pictures of Forward Sliding Genioplasty
Oblique view pictures of Forward Sliding Genioplasty. The chin is longer and more protrusion postoperatively. The facial expression seems happier than pre-operation.

Profile pictures of advancement genioplasty
Profile pictures of advancement genioplasty. The chin is slid forward and the lips are no longer protruding.

Retrognathia or micrognathia can be three degrees according to the severity classified into miner, moderate and severe. Miner receding chin can be treated with chin implant or advancement genioplasty. Moderate retrognathia normally can not be treated with simple chin implant because large implant could make an unnatural jaw and also could depress the chin bone. Advancement genioplasty can be the surgery of choice in moderate regrognathia patient. For those whose jaw is severely receded there may have some function disturbance along the visage problem. If the function disturbance such as breathing disturbance and vocal dysfunction coexist lower jaw distraction can be the surgery of choice.

Chin implant, also known as chin augmentation, is one of the popular plastic and cosmetic surgery procedures.  So, many people know what is chin augment surgery while they do not understand advancement genioplasty. Because of this a lot of candidates who needed a osteotomy genioplasty selected the popular chin implant procedure improperly and ended up a higher unsatisfactory rate.

There are many kind of materials that can be used as a chin implant. However the mostly applied implants include silicon and Polytetrafluoroethylene(PTFE). No matter what kind of materials been implanted into the human body they always act as foreign bodies not human tissue. Advancement genioplasty augments the chin by sliding the jaw bone forward. No foreign material left in the body benefits the patient gratefully.

Star Story

At the time when this beautiful lady came to see Dr. Fushun Ma she wanted a chin implant to make her small chin bigger. After careful examination Dr. Ma believed her chin receding was moderate degree. In this instance a large implant should be used if a simple chin implant surgery was performed. As this lady is still young the implant will remain in her body form many many years side effect such as local disfigure, capsule contraction and local discomfort could  happen over years of localized depression caused surrounding soft tissue atrophy. So Dr. Fushun Ma suggested her doing Advancement Genioplasty.

Like other patients this girl didn't know anything about Advancement Genioplasty. The good thing is that she is well educated and quick understanding. She instantly grabbed the major advantages and disadvantages of chin implant and chin osteotomy surgery. Then she agreed to change the original surgery plan to Advancement Genioplasty.

Her operation and post operation recovery was eventless. Two months after operation she went back to see Dr. Ma happily. She told Dr. Ma that her friends and relatives all agreed she is more beautiful than before. No body found out that she underwent surgery without her disclosing the fact. She asked Dr. Ma if the fixing titanium plate and screw need to remove. Dr. Ma told her that the fixation instruments are very safe and not necessarily to remove. If she doesn't  want them to stay in the body she can come one year later and remove it under local anesthesia with a minimal invasive surgery.

Dr. Ma's Comment

This beautiful girl has shining skin, curved eyebrow, big eyes straight nose. The only draw back on her face was that her chin was small and receding. The small chin made her lips protruding giving a unhappy expression and unbalanced profile.

When one's upper and lower lips look reaching out in profile  we tend to believe there is a bimaxillary protusion(upper and lower jaw overgrowth) exist and a bimaxillary reduction surgery then would be suggested. However many upper and lower lips protruding patients actually have no protruding maxilla but a small chin only. In this instance a simple surgery of Advancement Genioplasty will perfectly improve the the candidates visage. Just like this beautiful girl at the first glance we may think she had bimaxillary protruding. After careful analyze we could find out that her small chin gave her this unwanted facial outline. An Advancement Genioplasty mended her face in a great deal.

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