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Chin Forward Sliding and Reduction Surgery

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Wide chin is very popular among Asian people. Though a wide chin could give an impression of honest and reliable, many candidates don't like their chin being wide especially those who wish their face to be in a "V" shape, a narrow and pointing chin is their dream. However when we plan our surgeries we often neglect the importance of chin reduction plastic surgeries and over rely on mandible angle and mandible body reduction surgeries in making a "V" shape facial outline. Mandible angle and mandible body reduction surgeries sure can narrow the rear part of the mandible bone while making the chin relatively wider cause iatrogenic imbalance.

There are different surgical procedures of choice that could narrow the width of the chin. If the chin is wide and slightly receding a simple chin augmentation will handle the problem. A careful carving of the chin implant can make the chin narrow and protruding forwardly. If the chin recedes too much for instance more than 1cm, a simple chin implant will not be able to achieve a good result as a very big implant can give the chin an unnatural look or even the big implant under the skin could be noticed by other people standing far away. If the chin is wide without any receding a chin implant will not help at all. No matter how the implant is treated a chin implant surgery can not camouflage the wide chin without causing a over protruding look chin.

chin forward sliding and reduction surgery
After reduction surgery the chin is longer, pointer and narrower. The whole face looks more graceful just by a localized chin surgery.

before and after photos of chin forward sliding surgery
Comparing the result of chin implant on the left side photo to the chin forward sliding surgery on the right side photo, the sliding surgery can let the chin pointing downwardly and forwardly while the implant surgery can only let it pointing forwardly.

chin narrow reduction surgery
After surgery the mandible and chin line look more vivid and the lip chin angle more natural.

CT image of chin implant and chin forward sliding surgery
A chin implant is not be able to change the curvature of the lower line of the mandible bone and can not let the chin pointing forward and downwardly. A forward sliding surgery can make those happen.

the removed implant and bone pieces during surtgery
The silicon chin implant from the previous surgery is big and carving signs can be noticed on both side. It still give the chin a wide look. During surgery the implant is removed and some chin bone is also trimmed off from the side of the chin. That make the chin finally looks narrower and pointer.

This lady has done her chin implant surgery many years ago for the purpose of making the chin pointer, narrower and longer without success. So she always wanted to do something more for her chin to improve her appearance. So she went to see Dr. Fushun Ma for the same purpose of many years ago when she did her first surgery.

Dr. Ma checked her face type and didn't find any abnormality. However when Dr. Ma toke a careful analysis of her face he found out that the height of her lower third face was not proportional to the height of her upper and middle face. The height of the lower third of her face was relatively shorter compared to the other thirds. A surgery that could make the lower third of her face higher would help this lady's facial structure back to a normal proportion. And also because of her chin was also too wide her whole face looked round, she needed surgeries that could make her chin higher and narrower for her facial type to change to a oval one. According the lady's demand and her facial structure analysis surgeries of previous chin implant removal, chin advanced sliding and chin narrow reduction were agreed by the candidate and Dr. Ma.

The surgery for this lady went smooth and she recovered eventless. The after surgery photos were token one and half years post surgically. We can tell the following changes from comparing the pre and post surgery photos. Her chin is pointer and narrower. Her lower face is higher. Her lip and chin angle looks more natural and her mandible line is straighter and vivid.

 The narrow an point result is shown better in the front and 45 degree angled photos. In the previous surgery only a chin prosthesis was implanted in a hope to let the chin looks narrower by making the chin longer. This lady's chin was originally wide and not receding. The chin implant surgery didn't give her the desired result of a narrower and pointer chin. During this operation the implant is removed and the lateral sides of the chin bone was trimmed off. The chin really becomes narrower then.

The change of height of the chin can be observed on the front, lateral and 45 degree angled photos. A chin implant could make the chin protruding forward but not downward. As a matter of fact it is very difficult to fix the chin implant on the very top of the chin bone to let the post surgical chin moves downward and forward because at the tip of the chin bone the pressure from the overlay soft tissue is great and the bone itself is slippery, any foreign body on top of it tends to slip away. So the implant almost always ends up at the front part of the chin bone, not at the tip of it( seeing in the above CT image). Dr. Ma once tried to fix the implant at the very tip of the chin bone with titanium screws in order to make the lower third of the face higher with an end result of saggy chin in profile. The implant had to be removed later on.

The change of the lip chin angle can be better observed at the lateral and 45 degree angled photos. The lip chin angle indicates the angle formed by the lip and chin augmentations. Chin implant and forward sliding surgeries both can interfere the depth and size of the angle but in a different degree. For chin implant surgery the augmentation caused by the implant located in a higher position. Thus makes the angle deeper and sharper. While in sliding surgery the augmentation located lower and the lip chin angle is shallow and wide. Thus the whole chin looks more natural.

The change of the mandible line can be noticed on the profile and 45 degree angled photos. Before surgery this line tilted upward approaching the chin. This curvature make the mandible line looks shorter and let the facial and neck outline blur. During the sliding surgery the front part of the mandible bone was moved forward and downward. This change make the mandible line straighter and no more tilting up of the chin.

In summary, after chin forward sliding surgery and chin reduction surgery the height of upper, middle and lower parts of this lady's face are more proportional. Her chin is narrower and pointer better matches her long neck and slim body. The face or even the whole body image of this lady is more graceful.

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