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Protrusion Mouth Plastic Surgery for Male

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bimaxillary protrusion CT
Male mouth protrusion are prone to have
parted lips.

Talking about face contour male face is bony compared to the female. As a matter of fact bony is one of the characters of the male facial contour. Once the mouth is protruded the male face will look too bony to be good look. Male protrusion mouth occurs less frequently than overbite deformity. However its correction surgery is more complex because both upper and lower jaw have to be modified. Male mouth protrusion is more related to the overgrowth of the maxillary and mandible bone than simple frontward tilt of the incisor teeth. So orthodontic procedure will not help for most of the male mouth protrusion candidates. As the lack of sub-dermal fat tissue a slight mouth protrusion will leave the male lips parted.

The handsome boy in this page had a bony face. On top of that he also had a protrusion mouth. His facial outline in profile is quite rough and irregular. He was also bothered with the parted lips in relax. He always tried to forcefully close his mouth hiding his teeth in attending important gatherings and in facing other people. However a prolonged forceful mouth closure would make himself uncomfortable on his lips. So he came and saw Dr. Ma for help. Upon the first contact Dr. Me believed his protrusion was not very serious and tried to convince him to forget the idea of surgery. But he insisted to do the surgery and told Dr. Ma that others hardly understand his psychological suffering from the condition. At the end Dr. Ma was convinced and a protrusion mouth plastic surgery was performed to setback the front part of his upper and lower jaws according to his degree of protrusion. When he came back for a follow-up later on he was satisfied with the after surgery result and told Dr. Ma that he never bothered to deliberately worry if his teeth were shown any more since then.

mouth protrusion plastic surgery
After surgery the protruded mouth was pushed back. The facial outline in profile is smoother.

 protrusion mouth plastic surgery
The lips can meet each other in relax after the protrusion correction surgery. The relationship between the lips and the chin are more natural.

protruded mouth plastic surgery
After the upper and lower jaws were pushed back the teeth are not show any more in relax.

The frontal end osteotomy and setback surgery of the upper and lower jaws cut the front part of both jaws from their body, trim the bone from both side of the incision line and then fix them back to the main frame again. Thus the protrusion look of the mouth can be corrected. Different from Lefort I osteotomy this surgery needs to extract teeth to create space for the pushing back of the front parts of the jaws. Some of the candidates concerned about the teeth extraction fearing that the removal of the teeth may cause gaps among the teeth line. Actually this kind of worry is not necessary because the setback movement of the front jaw bones will bring the teeth attached on it to move backward to close or almost close the gap created by the teeth extraction according to the degree of protrusion.

The most obvious change in different groups of the before and after surgery comparison photos in this page is that the face of this handsome boy is not bony any more. Though this change could be caused by weight gain (as a matter of fact he didn't gain weight after surgery), the dominate fact contributed to this change is the correction of the mouth protrusion. Because of the different aesthetic taste on face contour some people like bony face, while the others want a rounded one. This boy didn't like bony face. So he insisted to get rid of the protrusion and felt happy with his post surgery result.

Another important change in this boys face is that his lips can meet each other in relax. In Dr. Ma's opinion the parted lips and exposed teeth are the most bothering problems for protrusion mouth candidates. For people without mouth protrusion the teeth may show when smile. However for people with mouth protrusion the teeth may always show no matter happy or angry. Exposed teeth without the cooperation of facial express can be quite unnatural. This is the reason why so many mouth protrusion candidates insists on doing the surgery for a change. In another words the protrusion correction surgery dose not only change the look of the candidates but also relieve their psychological burden helping them gain confidence.

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