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Mandible Bone and Mandible Angle Reduction for Male

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For boys a square face is considered handsome. However if the mandible bone and the masseter muscle are oversized too much the borderline between the chin and the masseter muscle can be easily seen from the front view. Even more as male face has less sub dermal fat the muscle fiber shows at bite then the masseter muscles are too strong. In such cases many of those who don't wish a tough appearance normally want to reduce the size of the mandible bone and the masseter muscle.

Other than girls boys' face has less sub dermal fat tissue as mentioned above and also their mandible bone is harder, the volume of the masseter muscle is bigger and the blood vessel is more fragile, so they have more chances of post surgery hematoma. The most important difference should be the target face contour. Unless it it specifically required the target facial contour should still remain the characteristic of the male shape. According to these differences the attending surgeon and the mandible reduction surgery seekers should carefully adjust the surgical indication, the procedure, the prediction of the recovery time and also the predicted finial result. This handsome young man had an obvious oversized mandible bone and masseter muscle. During the surgery an adequate amount of bone and muscle tissue had been removed. His lower face is much narrower after the surgery. However his face still looks like a natural male type.

mandible reduction for boys
After surgery the wide lower face is narrowed down and the facial contour is more smooth.

male mandible angle reduction surgery
From this angle the check mark shaped outline of the mandible angle gets smoother and more natural after surgery. However the masculine character still remain on this boy's face.

 mandible reduction surgery for boys profile
The bulging mandible angle disappeared after surgery at the profile view.

profile view of mandible reduction for male
The other side of the face looks natural too.

Based on the fact that male mandible bone and masseter muscle are bigger than female this boy's mandible bone and masseter muscle were trimmed off in a great deal. Should the same amount of tissue is removed from a girl's mandible and masseter muscle adverse result may be caused by over reduction. But for him the reduction is just what he needed.

If we only concentrated on the after surgery picture we don't think the boy's face is slim. However if we compare the before and after surgery photos we could see the dramatic change of the facial outline of this boy. In the front view of the before surgery photo the front border line of the huge mass of the masseter muscle change the trend of the outline of the chin form an lateral going curvature there. In the lateral and oblique view the big mandible angle and the mass effect of the big masseter muscle make a sharp outline at the mandible angle, vividly distinguish the face from the neck. All these problems have been taken care of by the surgery.

As there is less fat on the male face any unevenness of the masseter muscle or the mandible bone can be easily shown. So special attentions should be paid to avoid causing indentation and unevenness on the face. And also exaggerated lower face reduction is not encouraged to male candidates.

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