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Minor Mouth Protrusion Plastic Surgery

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Mouth protrusion also know as upper and lower maxillary protrusion, bimaxillary protrusion or bird's peak deformity,  is a common form of dental occlusion abnormality. Not like other occlusion problem such as alignment disorder, bimaxillary protrusion disorder is more of a cosmetic concern rather than a pure dental disorder. A protrusion mouth alters the facial figure in a undesired way, this in turn drives the sufferer making their decision to go to the operation room.

Like its name, mouth protrusion also knowing as bimaxillary protrusion indicates that both the upper and lower jaw are over protruding to the front forming a characterized facial figure. As the degree of protrusion is different the symptoms and the appearance change can vary fundamentally. From the the facial appearance point of view a minor mouth protrusion may only cause the profile outline of the face  unsmooth. A severe protrusion mouth may cause great changes of facial appearance and mouth or dental function disturbance such as open mouth in relaxing position, open occlusion, speech and chewing dysfunction etc. An bulging mouth in a severe protrusion mouth patient may somehow hide the chin and the nose giving a impression of flat nose and retrograde chin. Even the patients choose to do nose and chin augmentation surgeries to enhance their facial appearance. At the end their whole lower face is unproportionate stick out in relation to the rest part of their face.

minor mouth protrusion plastic surgery before and after photos
This beautiful girl's mouth protrusion is not severe. Before surgery her upper and lower lips are thick and slightly open in relaxing position. After surgery her appearance improved in a great deal.

mouth protrusion surgery in profile
In profile the mouth is protruding and the chin is relatively retrograde. After surgery the profile outline looks smoother and more natural.

minor mouth protrusion plastic surgery before and after photos
Oblique view the upper and lower jaw make the middle face full with a protruding upper lip and nasal base. After surgery the lips and the nasal base settled to normal position.

mouth protrusion CT image
The upper and lower jaw bones and the front teeth are stick up to the front as the red arrow directed.

The main approach of correct the adult mouth protrusion is surgery. At adult mouth protrusion sufferer's  the upper and lower jaw bone have already been over growth and simple orthodontics process can only tilt the teeth in their socket without changing the size and the degree of protrusion to both the upper and lower jaw bones. Bimaxillary plastic surgery reduce the upper and lower jaw bones and make the attached teeth line up better. The surgical procedure for minor and severe mouth protrusion is the same. Only the amount of bone removal and range of movement of bone fragment are various according to the severity of mouth protrusion. Surgeons will eva luate the situation before the surgery start by means of CT scan and physical examination.

Photo Analysis and Background Story of This Minor Mouth Protrusion Patient

Like most of the mouth protrusion patients this beautiful girl came to Dr. Fushun Ma for a consultation regarding nasal and chin augmentation. She didn't know she had a mouth protrusion problem and let along knowing that a surgery could help her. At the first she didn't accept the idea of surgery when Dr. Ma explain to her that she had a mouth protrusion situation and she can take a plastic surgery to enhance her appearance. It didn't take long for her to make her decision and came back to Dr. Ma and underwent her correction surgery. Her after surgery photos were taken 1 and half year after surgery.

At the front view of the before surgery photo the shape of the mouth is not as good as the post surgery photo. The upper and lower lips are thick and they can not close naturally in relaxing position. The protrusion of jaw bones and teeth  makes the upper lip, the philtrum and the chin relatively short giving a general unhappy expression. The height of the lower face is too short to match the height of the upper face causing an unproportionate height ratio in different parts of the face.

In profile the lips and nose protrude to the front, the lips can't close naturally in relaxing and the chin is retrograded. All these aspects cause the facial outline in profile arched out at the level of nose an mouth. In the post surgery photo the mentioned problems have been improved. Before surgery all the upper teeth and even most part of the upper gum will show when the girl smiles. This prevents her from smile, in turn an unhappy and unfriendly impression always delivered to anyone who encounters her. After surgery she can smile freely and confidently in front of other people making her life easier and more joyful.

In an angled view the mouth and nose are bulging out. The protrusion bone and teeth make the lower lip pointing to the front and the lip chin angle is too sharp. Post-operatively these unwanted appearance disappeared and the shape of her mouth looks more natural.

As the front part of the upper and lower jaw bone have been cut open during the mouth protrusion correction surgery and an internal fixed after surgery is applied. The strength of the maxilla and mandible bones are not as strong as before in the early post surgery stage. So the operated area of the bones should be protected from any physical impact and the front part of the teeth should not been used to bite. The bite function could be resumed gradually after 3 months post operation.  At the post surgery follow up after one and half year this girl's incision line on the bones have been healed and the strength of her upper and lower jaw are back to normal. Also her bite function and sensation of her teeth also recovered completely.

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