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V Shape Face Achieved by Cheek Bone Reduction Surgery

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The cheek bone also known as zygomatic bone and the zygomatic arch locates in the middle part of the lateral face. People with big zygomatic bone and/or lateral bulging zygomatic arch have wide middle face and normally have diamond shape facial outline. A zygomatic bone and zygmatic arch reduction surgery may change the this diamond facial type into oval, egg or round. Only a small number of diamond shape face could directly become a "V" shape face by check bone reduction surgery alone. In this instance the candidate must have a wide forehead, a narrow jaw bone and long sharp chin to start with. Only in this kind of pre surgery setup a cheek bone reduction could change a diamond face to a "V" shaped one.

The wide middle face caused by big zygomatic bone and zygomatic arch have many forms of manifestation. If only the bony part of the zygomatic bone and zygoamitc arch are oversize, a small area of the lateral face is bulging out forming a hump on the surface of the middle lateral face. In this instance a sample reduction of the cheek bone can make the facial outline smooth while the facial type doesn't change. In other instance the cheek bone and the surrounding tissues bulging out together make the whole middle face too wide. In order to trim faces like this masseter muscle and the middle face fat should also be partially removed on top of the zygomatic bone and zygomatic arch reduction. A massive reduction surgery normally change the facial type from one to another like the girl in this page whose facial type changed from oval to "V" shape.

Facial type changed to V shape after cheek bone reduction
After cheek bone reduction both the middle and lower face get slimmer and the facial type changed from oval to a V shape.

the face is smaller after cheek bone redution
From 3/4 view the face is narrower and the facial outline looks smoother.

Changes on the lateral face after cheek bone reduction
From the lateral rear view the facial outline is no longer bulging out and the curves on this line becom straighter.

comparison pictures at chin down position after cheek bone reduction
At chin down position the facial part lateral to the lateral canthus gets narrower after cheek bone reduction and the widest part of the face changes to the forehead.

comparison photos at chin up postion after cheek bone reduction
In the before photo a hump like structure is in the middle of the face caused by the oversized zygomatic bone and zygomatic arch. After surgery the hump disappeared.

This girl underwent zygomatic bone and zygomatic arch reduction and chin reduction surgeries. Dr. Fushun Ma's method of zygomatic bone and zygomatic arch smooth reduction was utilized to make her middle face narrower by reducing the size of the zygomatic bone and the curvature of the zygoamtic arch. Not like the local humpy caused by the bony augment her whole portion of middle face was over sized. So part of her masseter muscle and facial fat tissue were also been removed accompanying the zygomatic bone and zygomatic arch reduction. A final result of slimmer face then is achieved.

The effect of middle face reduction plus the narrow down of the chin and the front part of the mandible bone caused by the chin reduction constitute the change of this girl's facial type for from "egg" to "V" shape. In terms of contribution in this girl's facial type change the zygomatic bone and zygoamtic arch reduction surgery dominates. Without the middle face reduction by the zygomatic surgeries, the chin surgery can only make the lower third of the face slimmer. In this instance the facial type will change to "T" instead of "V" shape.

The other contribution factor for the "V" shape change of this girl's face is the width of the forehead. As we can see from the pre surgery photo her forehead is not narrow. However because of her middle face is wide too the forehead looks relatively narrow. After the width of the middle and lower face are trimmed down the width of her forehead stands out and the outline of the whole face narrows down smoothly from the forehead to the chin in a "V" shape.

When we compare the pre and post surgery photos we may feel that this girl's face became smaller due to her weight loss. That is not true. First, weight loss do make a face smaller but only the soft tissue. No matter how much weight a person lose his or her facial bone will not shrink a bit. A weight loss makes the face bony. It can't make a face smaller and fuller like this girl. Secondly, the size relationship between different parts of this girl's face have change beside the overall facial slim effect. Without facial bone reduction it is impossible to change the relationship between different parts of the face like this.

The post surgery photos in page were taken 8 months after surgery. At this time the facial reduction effect of the surgery has mostly revealed. In general post surgery swelling after zygomatic surgery will last around two to three weeks. At the time of the swelling goes away the size of the face normally returns to the pre surgery level. Nevertheless this is not the final result as the scar caused by surgical trumma still makes the face puffy. A period of 3 to 6 month or more is needed for the scar to subside gradually depending on individual's different reaction toward trumma. For this girl at two months post surgery she already show the facial slim effect of her surgery. 8 months after surgery her face was even slimmer as showing in this page. Her face may keeps getting smaller after this point of time but in a subtle way.

The strength of zygomatic bone and zygomatic arech smooth reduction surgery is that it can reduce the width of the middle face in a great deal without causing any facial soft tissue or facial bone sagginess as some other methods will do. This girl's face has change fundamentally in size and shape. There is no signs of sagginess noticeable in her face.

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