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Cheekbone Reduction with Simultaneous Facelift

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For young patients a right performed cheekbone reduction surgery will make the face look younger because of the effective shrinkage of  the facial skin and soft tissue after the surgery actually lift the face instead of making it sagging. However for elderly candidates with loose facial skin the lift effect brought by cheekbone reduction alone is not enough for a descent face rejuvenation. In this instance a simultaneous temporal lift under the same incision is necessary. It could be beneficial by using the same incision to accomplish two surgeries. Nevertheless no facelift can fix or prevent the facial dropping problem caused by some method of cheekbone reduction procedures, such as the frontal end osteotomy zygomatic bone reduction.

The innovative cheekbone reduction surgery method of "Zygomatic Bone and Zygomatic Arch Smooth Reduction Surgery" not only prevented the facial dropping problem but also can lift the face in some extent by reattach the facial tissue upwardly giving the surgery taker a younger look. However for the girl in this page the lift effect of the bone reduction alone could not rejuvenate the face satisfactorily as her facial skin and soft tissue were already saggy  presented as dropping lateral canthus, deep nasal labial fold and bulging middle and lower face. So a temporal incision for cheekbone reduction was selected and temporal lift was done simultaneously. She is satisfied with the result.

facial contour and facelift
Temporal lift was done simultaneously during the zygomatic bone and zygomatic arch reduction surgery. The girl also looks much younger after the facial contour surgery.

zygoma reduction and face rejunevation
After surgery, the facial contour is changed and the facial skin is tighter. The upward reposition of the soft tissue resolved the problem of the middle and lower face saggy.

 chin up position after zygoma plastic surgery
In this angle the degree of both lateral and anterior protruding is lessened after the surgery.

zygoma plastic surgery chin down
In chin down position the lateral protruding zygomatic arches are flatter in the post surgery photo, the dropping face is improved and the nasal labial fold is shallower.

The girl on this page underwent Zygomatic Bone and Zygomatic Arch Smooth Reduction, Mandible Bone Reduction with Masseter Muscle Partial Resectomy and Temporal Lift Facial Rejuvenation Surgeries.

The before surgery front view photo shows that the girl's face is in a reversed "V" shape with narrow forehead, wide middle and lower face. Zygomatic bone and zygomatic arch reduction surgery alone narrowed the width of her middle face letting her forehead matches the width of her middle face without any temporal augmentation. On top of that the mandible and masseter muscle reduction rendered her facial type to a "melon seed" one. At the same time the temporal lift moved the facial skin and soft tissue upward, the tissue volume of the middle and lower face was reduced because of this movement. So the entire face looks younger in the after surgery photo.

In the after surgery angled view photo the bulging contour line at the protruding zygomatic bone area is flat and the high light caused by the protruding cheekbone is also disappeared. In the before surgery photo the indentation grove below the cheekbone was formed because the protruding zygomatic arch. After correction of the protruding cheekbone the surface of the cheek area was leveled off and the indentation sign disappeared in the post surgery photo.

The width change of the middle face can be demonstrated in the chin up and chin down position photos. In chin up position the sticking out problem of the zygomatic bone was corrected. In chin down position the bulging out zygomatic arch was pushed inward in the after surgery photo and the nasal labial fold is shallower as the temporal lift had make the face tighter.

During consultation Dr. Fushun Ma notice that many young candidates wanted to do the facelift simultaneously with the cheekbone reduction surgery faring that the bone reduction may cause face drop. It is not necessary and shouldn't be done because the life effect followed the cheek reduction is adequate to guaranty their young figure for this group of candidate. On the other hand, for some surgical methods such as the frontal end osteotomy which tend to cause facial dropping, a temporal lift can not prevent the drop from happening. According to Dr. Ma's experience once the drop happened a simple facelift also can not fix the problem. Further more if the facelift starts at young age the thinning process of the facial skin could be accelerated.

This girl's post surgery photos were token 2 years and 3 months after surgery.

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