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Zygoma and Zygomatic Arch Reduction for a Slimmer Face

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In many people's impression, in order to make a face slimmer mandible angle reduction surgeries should be considered. Actually, mandible angle reduction surgeries alone are only good in the improvement of square faces without zygomatic bone and zygomatic arch oversize. Otherwise after the angle is reduced and the lower face narrowed down the width of the middle face will appeared even bigger because of the contrast effect. So for those candidates who have bigger mid face width zygomatic bone and zygomatic arch reduction surgeries is the key in making their face slimmer. And these surgeries indeed could make a difference in reshaping the face slimmer.

 The facial outline of those who have only zygomatic bone and zygomatic arch hypertrophy is in a diamond shape with a bulging cheek bone and a hollow cheek. When sliding a hand over the cheek bone up and down one can feel the hump in the middle of the lateral face. However for those whose whole faces are evenly wide the manifestation is different. Their faces are in round or square shape without obvious rising or indents on the lateral side. To make this kind of face slimmer not only the zygomatic complex needs to be reduced also the surrounding tissue of the zygomatic bone should be removed. So the whole face can be narrowed down evenly without the possible indentation caused by mere zygomatic bone and zygomatic arch reduction.

facial resizing by zygomatic reduction surgery
The face is narrowed done by a combination surgery of zygoma reduction, mandible reduction and masseter muscle resectomy both from the proximal and distal end of the muscle.

zygomatic reduction for a slimmer face
The volume of the side of the face is reduced after surgery, so the face is slimmer.

facial slimmer surgery 
The pre surgery face looks sagging at this angle of view. After surgery this problem is corrected.

chin up position of zygomatic reduction surgery
In chin up position the thickness and the width of the lower face are reduced.

From the front view this girl has a big square face before surgery. Her face is full without obvious indentation in the temporal region and cheek. The facial outline is straight lack the sense of hierarchy. After surgery these problems has been corrected. And also her facial size and facial organs relationship changed to be more appropriated as the facial size getting slimmer, the facial organs are no more crowed into the center of the face. In the after surgery photo this girl looks younger. This is mainly because that the big square lower face drags the center of gravity of the face lower giving a saggy look. The zygomatic and mandibular reduction surgery reduced the volume and size of the lower face the center of gravity of the face moved upward, as the face has been lifted, plus the recoiling effect of the skin after the volume reduction of the lower face, the overall effect renders a younger looking to this girl's face. When Dr. Ma do the pre surgery consult a common asked question is whether a facial bone reduction surgery will cause skin loose and aging. The truth is that the surgery will not make a person older but younger, as seeing in this case.

From the angled and lateral view compared to the before surgery photo the face is slimmer in the after surgery photo, especially the disappearance of the saggy look at the lateral view make this surgery more valuable. The chin up position shows the facial volume change after the surgery. In this view except the forehead, which remains the same in size, the size of the middle and lower face is sharply smaller in the after surgery photos.

Before surgery the face of this girl was evenly bigger without localized rising or indentation. Her face changed slimmer after a  combination surgery of zygoma reduction and mandible reduction plus masseter muscle resectomy. For her zygoma reduction surgery only the zygomatic and zygomatic arch bone reduction was not enough. The surrounding soft tissue of the zygomatic complex was also removed to ensure a proportional and natural post surgery facial contour.

The after surgery photos was taken 9 months after surgery.

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