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Before and After Surgery Photos of Zygoma and Mandible Reduction with Partial Masseter Muscle Resectomy

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Zygoma and mandible reduction with partial masseter muscle resectomy

Zygoma and mandible reduction with partial masseter muscle resectomy doesn't mean a single operation but a combination of three operations performed at one time to booster the surgical effect of facial slimming. Could these three operations go together safely? This is a question with no simple answer with 'yes' or 'no'. Your surgeon will answer this question according to the individual condition.

photos of zygoma and mandible reduction with partial masseter muscle resectomy surgery
After zygoma and mandible reduction surgery the whole face is narrower and the boy looks more radiant without any man made sing on the face.

comparison photos after zygoma and mandible reduction surgery
After surgery the zygomatic bone and the zygomatic arch are no longer prominent, the mandible bone is smaller too. The bony face is replaced by a soft one. The boy looks cuter.

the mandible line changes after mandible reduction surgery
When a mandible reduction is done by ostectomy the intact of the mandible line can be easily destroyed by removal of the mandible bone. However this handsome boy's mandible line still keeps smooth and natural after surgery.

before and after photos of zygoma and mandible reduction surgery in a back front viewing
From this point of view the facial outline at the zygomatic process is no longer prominent.

In previous years, when these operations wasn't so popular, few surgeons willing to do so many surgeries at the same time in order to avoiding the possible risk caused by prolonged surgery time and increased complexity. Following the improvement of the surgical technique and the accumulation of plastic surgeon's experience on these surgeries the risk level of these surgeries is much lower. More and more plastic and cosmetic surgeons accepted the idea of doing these three surgeries under a single general anesthesia. The benefit to the patient by doing so is solve more problems in a shorter time and more cost effective. Never the less the cosmetic surgery seekers should not force his or her surgeon to do these surgeries in a single run while the surgeon don't feel comfortable or don't feel safe on particular situations. Safety is the most priority anyway.

Photo Analysis

This boy is born handsome. When came to see Dr. Fushun Ma for facial reduction surgery Dr. Ma believed that he was too picky on his appearance for a boy and tried to convince him forgetting the surgery. But he insisted on doing the surgeries. It is Dr. Ma who gave up at the end because there was no any contraindications for surgery and the boy's face do looked a little too wide. From these before and after photos we could tell that he do look more handsome after surgery.

From the front view we can easily tell that his face is narrower. Though there is a big change on the face width the facial contour is still natural. If we just look at the post operation photo we can't find any clue of surgical intervention. The boy's shining eyes, straight nose and beautiful mouth decorated the post operative slim face very well.

The boy's face starts to narrow from the middle part and reaches its most at the level of the mandibular angle. The whole facial line is smooth and natural.

When we eva luate the surgical result of a zygoma reduction we often feel the changes are not as obvious as that of a mandible reduction surgery. The key point to eva luate the effectiveness of a zygoma reduction surgery is using the ears as a landmark. Like the photos of thsi boy, in the post operative photo the ears look bigger and more projected laterally. He didn't do surgery on the ears and the photos were token under the same camera settings the only explanation for it is the shrinkage of the zygoma and zygomatic arch which made the reference mark relatively larger. From back viewing the zygomatic process is much lower and the facial outline is no more exaggerated.

The most difficult or the most challenging part of a mandible reduction surgery is to keep the mandible line smooth, seeing in the third pictures of this page, when letting the patient to tilt their head. If we looking for a solid reduction effect we need to remove enough bone and muscle tissue. The more we remove the greater chance we get a local indentation on the mandible bone. So a good balance of bone removal and intact of the mandible line is required to achieve a satisfactory surgical result. The mandible line of this boy showing in the third photos looks smooth and natural, a  balance is kept successfully.

Background Story

This handsome young man was brought to Dr. Fushun Ma by a friend of Dr. Ma named Shan. He gave Dr. Ma an first impression of being very cautious and cared very much about his appearance. It seemed he had done a lot of home work before seeing Dr. Ma because he knew well about Dr. Ma's way of doing facial reframe surgery. Shan told Dr. Ma that the young man already saw her several times discussing with her regarding his surgery. After the first interviewing the young man at least saw Dr. Ma another time before making the final decision of doing surgery.

The young man's operation went well. According to his own word that his recovery was very smooth too. In few days his swelling went down and he even went back to work after that. He hardly contacted Dr. Ma after left for home, but closely connected to Shan. He also emailed some everyday pictures of himself to Shan, which Shan than transferred to Dr. Ma too. Until nearly one year after surgery Shan told me this young man wanted to see Dr. Ma.

When a after surgery patient wants to see his or her surgeon normally because they have some concerns about the surgery or about the post surgery recovery. Believing this young man may also have some post surgery concerns to solve, Dr. Ma scheduled his interview in an express way. However when he saw Dr. Ma he told Dr. Ma that he didn't have any concerns or questions regarding his surgery. He is very satisfied with his surgical result. He felt the post operation figure of his face is exactly what he wanted. The reason he came exclusively to see Dr. Ma is to say thanks. This was totally out of Dr. Ma's expectation and also made Dr. Ma very appreciated and excited. Dr. Ma appreciated his effort to come far away just to show his thanks to Dr. Ma. Dr. Ma was excited because Dr. Ma himself also felt delighted and proud for what the surgery had done to this young man's face.

Before the post operation interview Dr. Ma heard from Shan that this young man's surgical achievement is good and discussed with Shan for posting his before and after photos on Dr. Ma's website as a Homepage Star. But Shan didn't think the young man was going to agree because the young man cared very much about his appearance and privacy.

At the time of post operatively follow-up seeing the wonderful changes the surgery had made, Dr. Ma couldn't help to ask the young man's permission of posting his photos as Homepage Star. The young man answered "Yes" without any hesitation and he could even let Dr. Ma post his photos without hiding identity by covering eyes. This is unbelievable. The young man didn't know Dr. Ma well before he let Dr. Ma do surgery on his precious face and generously offered to show his photos on the web. Dr. Ma was really moved by what the young man had down.

When Dr. Ma asked the young man why he agreed to show himself as a Homepage star. The young man said. First, I am not a famous star. It doesn't do any harm to me. Second, I was benefited from the Homepage Stars on Dr. Ma's website. I was thinking that may be one day, after my surgery I myself could be a Homepage Star to help other cosmetic surgery seekers to understand the operation better if needed. So I agreed Dr. Ma.

What a wonderful spirit! Not a famous star, the altitude of helping others and sharing happiness with others is no second to a real famous star, only better without the concerns and burden of being chasing. Dr. Ma wish this selfless young man a good life and success career!

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