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Cheek Jaw Reduction and Chin Augmentation with Self Bone Graft

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Facial reduction surgeries such as Zygomatic Bone and Zygomatic Arch Reduction Surgery or Mandible Reduction Surgery are not only the favorite surgeries for girls, boys also want to choose these surgeries to change the rough appearance to a smoother and cute looking in reinforcing their youthhood. However the facial bone and soft tissue, especially the subdermal fat tissue are deferent between female and male. Compared to the girls the boys are bony, thus more facial bone could be removed and could achieve more aggressive changes. Also as the facial soft tissue layer is thinner the changes after facial bone and muscle reduction reveals easily. Cautions must be take to avoid unevenness after facial bone reduction. In term of surgical planning it is important not to choose procedures such as the Front End or Front and Rear End osteotomy to prevent the possible long term complication of facial unevenness.

This page depicts a set of comparison photos of a handsome young man who underwent facial contour surgeries. When he came to Dr. Ma the first time not only Dr. Ma all the other staffs felt that he didn't need any facial reduction surgery. So everybody tried to convence him give up the thought of doing surgery and told him that his face is already slim, reduction surgeries might do nothing good to improve his figure. Nevertheless this handsome young man insisted on going ahead for surgeries believing that surgery would make him looking even younger and shining. Eventually face contour surgeries had been done according to his desire and he is really happy for his after surgery result, also all those who didn't support him doing the surgery admit his surgical plan is a successful one upon seeing his changes post surgically. His face changed to a different style, a style more suitable for his cute and lovely personality.

zygomatic bone and zygomatic arch reddution surgery
Zygomatic bone and zygomatic arch reduction and self bone chin augmentation let this young man's facial contour smoother and even younger looking.

mandible reduction and chin augmentation with self bone
After surgery the mandible line is still exist only not that square, the chin is longer in this angle of view.

mandible angle and masseter muscle reduction
 At chin up position the mandible angle is no longer stick out after surgery and the mandible angle line is smoother. The masseter muscle mass is also reduced.

zygomatic bone and zygomatic arch reduction surgery
After zygomatic bone and zygomatic arch reduction the middle face is narrower and the zygomatic process is flat. At chin down position the facial contour changed from square to round.

This young man's biggest change is that he looks much younger after surgery. He is actually not old and he acts not old also. However he said that he always looks old in photos. In the pre surgery photos of this page we could tell that he really looks aging in photo. This young man's facial contour in front view shows that there is no obvious oversized zygomatic bone and zygomatic arch, and also he has no square mandible bone. But after cheek and jaw reduction with partial masseter muscle resection this young man's face does look more energetic and handsome, better matches his age and personality.

From the front view the young man's face changed from a longitudinal square type to a melon seed type. His forehead remains unchanged, the middle face and lower face became narrower. His chin is pointer. Compared to the pre surgery photo the facial soft tissue and skin is fuller and tighter post surgically. There is no sings of sagginess caused by surgery. Facial sagginess after facial bone resection is the main concern of many cosmetic surgery candidates at the time of consultation. This set of comparison photos proves that normally a eligible facial bone reduction surgery could not cause any facial sagginess, actually the facial soft tissue may even become tighter and elevated making the surgery receiver looking younger. The mechanism of this effect is that the oversized mandible bone stretches the facial skin and soft tissue downward, a mandible bone reduction releases this stretch force and the bounce back effect of the facial soft tissue prevents any sagginess and may even grant an face lift.

This young man's chin becomes pointer as showing in the front view and chin down view photos. One reason is the front part of the mandible bone was trimmed narrower at the surgery. The other reason is that a piece of the mandible bone harvested from the mandible bone reductions is carve and implanted onto the very tip of the chin bone. This piece of bone can't be very big as this is only a piece of bone trimmed from the mandible angle. Its size of this bone piece depend on how much of the bone been cut off. Even if the bone piece is small its graft could still make a difference by a careful preparation of carving the bone in a narrow and pointer way and fixing it properly. The chin augmentation effect is better show in the profile and chin up view photo. However the augmentation effect of autologue bone graft is limited by donor bone size and receipt site blood supply, not like the prosthetic implant or sliding forward chin surgery in which the augmentation scale can be freely maneuvered.

Facial contour changes caused by the zygomatic bone and zygomatic arch reduction is best depict in the frontal and chin down view photos. From the frontal view photo we can see that the middle facial width is narrower, the zygomatic bone and zygoamtic arch area is less prominent, the connection of the upper and middle face is smoother and the middle face outline is also less convex. In chin down view position the facial width outside the lateral canthus of the eyes is narrower. The pre surgery facial contour line of the whole face in chin down position is more like a "P". The post surgery contour is more like a "V".

Mandible reduction surgery shrinks the width of lower third of the face in a great deal. However the contour of this part of the face is still continuously smooth, no local indentation has been caused by the surgery. From the profile view the hard squared mandible line has been changed to a nicely curved one. The surgery didn't make the mandible line disappear. This indicates that the mandible has not been simply over cut creating a "horse face deformity". The tissue volume of the mandible area is smaller. In the profile and profile chin up position the mandible angle is seen stick out. That is caused by the convex oversized mandible angle. After surgery this bony augmentation is disappeared and replaced by a nice curved figure.

At the time when this young man underwent his surgery he is studying overseas. His multicultural education background may granted him a unique altitude toward facial beauty. This altitude helped him designing a special plastic surgery plan to coordinate his inside and outside better.

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