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Surgical Correction of Bimaxillary protrusion

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Bimaxillary protrsion pre and post operation pictures front view.
Bimaxillary protrsion pre and post operation pictures. lip closure can be achieved in relax position. The chin is longer and slimmer.

Bimaxillary protrsion pre and post operation pictures in a 45 degree view.
Bimaxillary protrsion pre and post operation pictures in a 45 degree view. The lips look more natural and facial outline is more harmonious.

Bimaxillary protrsion pre and post operation pictures in a lateral view.
Bimaxillary protrsion pre and post operation pictures in a lateral view. The facial outline looks gentle and the chin is showing up and even the nose is getting higher.

This girl underwent bimaxillary protrusion correction surgery to move the front parts of the upper and lower jaw backward for improving her looking and solving the open lip problem. If only the upper jaw is pushed back a malocclusion may occur, so normally both upper and lower jaw need to be moved together. In real life we may only notice the protruding upper jaw while neglect the lower jaw. However when we pay attention on observing the lower jaw we could find that the lower jaw or the teeth on the lower jaw is protruding also to meet the upper teeth so that the food can be cut. During this operation tooth extraction is needed in order to create room for bone movement. Reference reading--Surgical correction of bimaxillary protrusion.

The girl believe her facial appearance was too skinny and bonny. In her own word she always carry an unhappy expression.  People mistakenly take her expression as angry while she stays calm. On the other hand she can't smile also because when she smile too much teeth and gum exposure embarrassed her. She always observe other people's mouth and frequently feel sad of low self-esteem.  This kind of situation keeps going for several years with the interference of her work and study.

As this girl did her homework to understand the surgery well she knew exactly what to do for he situation. When she came to see Dr. Ma she made the appointment of surgery without many questions. The operation and post operation recovery was smooth. At the time of stitch removal 7 days post operation her swelling subsided very well. Pictures showing on this page were taken one year post operatively when she came back to consult a zygoma reduction surgery. She was happy about her surgery result. And she always bear a smile talking even when she toke the pictures she couldn't help to smile. The girl told Dr. Ma that she no more be afraid of speaking and laughing publicly. And she felt she regain the self confidence and became more open. She also actively tell her story to those who my suffer from her same preoperative conditions and help them to deal with it. She agreed to post her photos on Dr. Ma's website so that more people would be able to share her happiness.

From the above pictures we could see that in relax position the lips are open and the teeth show with a small chin. Post-operatively the outline curvature of the face is graceful and no teeth can be easily shown even smiling. The chin and the nose are longer and more protruding even there is no chin surgeries have been done just because the mouth was pushed backward.

Bimaxillary correction surgery has been practiced for a long time with good reputation and it is a safe surgery in the experienced hands. However it is a major plastic and cosmetic surgery and not so popular. It is wise to make decision and to choose surgeons carefully.

For traditional method of bimaxillary correction surgery the recovery period is unpleasant. Patients have to wear an intro maxillary fixation(bind the upper and lower raw of teeth together to fix the upper and lower maxillary bone) for 2 weeks in tube suction liquid feeding. In the advanced surgical method of maxillary correction no intro maxillary fixation is needed and patients can have soft food the next day of operation. Also the surgical trauma is less serious because of the surgical equipment improvement for example the thickness of saw blade for osteotomy is about a cover paper.

There are two misunderstandings of maxilla correction surgery that the patients may be easily lead in. One of them is that the odontorthosis procedure can help an adult maxillary protrusion patient. As a matter of fact odontorthosis procedure can only help a children protrusion patient in prohibit the over growth the maxilla bone by apply fore on the teeth. For adult patient the protrusion maxilla bone has already well established. Any kind of fore apply on the teeth can't let the bone shrink but the angle rotation of the  teeth in their socket. The other misleading understanding is that a odontorthosis procedure is needed before the maxillary correction surgery. Both odontorthosis procedure and correction surgery need to remove teeth to create space. If a odontorthosis procedure is prior to surgery the space has been taken. There is no room to push the bone backward during the surgery. The right sequence is surgery first and odontorthosis procedure second if it is really needed. Only in this sequence the surgical planning will not be interfered by odontorthosis result and the rigid fixation of the maxilla bone can be properly done.

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