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Cheekbone Reshaping Face Reduction

Homepage Star of August 2012
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Face reduction could mean to make the face smaller by ways such as facial liposuction, buccal fat removal and masseter muscle resection. However face reduction mostly means to trim the face slimmer, to be exact to narrow the face by surgeries that could reduce the size of the facial bone. These surgeries include cheekbone reduction, jaw reduction and chin reduction surgery etc. So face reduction surgeries doesn't mean a single surgery but a group of surgeries that could make the face slimmer and smaller. In clinical practice multiple bone surgeries or a combination of bone and softer tissue surgeries may be used to achieve the goal of face reduction.

This beautiful girl's face on the Homepage Star of this edition is resized with face reduction surgeries. Though she didn't do liposuction on her face, both bone and soft tissue reduction surgeries such as zygomatic bone and zygomatic arch reduction, mandible bone reduction and masster muscle partial resectomy was utilized to make her face smaller and to make her facial contour changed. These changes can only be achieved by the combination use of a group of surgeries, not a single surgery can make her face naturally slimmer like this. We can see from the before surgery photo that this girl's whole face was wide, no local augmentation exist. Localized reduction could not be able make her whole face smaller.

face reduction
Cheekbone, mandible bone reduction and masseter muscle partial resectomy surgeries reduce the size and change the contour of this girl's face.

cheekbone reduction
After surgery  the cheekbone augmentation is disappeared. The size of the mandible bone is smaller and the mandible line is lifted.

 cheekbone reduction chin down
The facial width at the cheekbone level is reduced. The indentation below the zygomatic arch is leveled off. At this angled view the facial contour is more smoother.

cheekbone surgery chin up
In chin up position the width of the middle face is narrower and the mandible angle is less obvious after surgery.

This beautiful girl's facial contour changed in a great deal from a square face to a "melon seed" one. Before surgery the middle and lower third of the face were wide, the forehead was relatively narrow. In this scenario a temporal augmentation could make the forehead wider, and the whole face will become wide in turn. This is a result that most cosmetic surgery seeker don't desired however frequently been produced. One of the reason is an incorrect analysis of the problem for the surgery taker's face. Secondly the candidates fear to do major surgery and over relied on camouflage surgeries. This girl selected the right surgeries of doing the zygomatic bone and zygomaitc arch reduction, mandible reduction and masseter muscle partial resection. And she is satisfied with her after surgery result.

In the front view this girl's forehead looks narrow. However her forehead is not narrow at all, only the wide middle and lower face override the width of the forehead. The surgery reduced the width of the middle and lower part of the face and after surgery the face contour changed to a "melon seed" type that means the width of the face is gradually getting narrower from the top to the bottom. Also the hump in between the lateral canthus and ear disappears after surgery with the reduction of the middle face width. All these changes are the result of the zygomatic bone and zygomatic arch reduction surgery. The facial outline at the angle is curved outwardly before surgery, it changed to a straight line after surgery. This change make the "U" shaped pre-surgery outline of the lower third of the face converted to a "V" shape. This is the result that most surgery seeker wanted. However to achieve this result a simple mandible angle reduction is not enough. A combination reduction surgery of mandible angle, mandible body, mandible lower edge and even masseter muscle is needed.

In angled view the highlight area of the zygomatic process disappeared and the contour line of the cheekbone is straighter after surgery. The effect of mandible bone and masseter muscle reduction lifted the mandible line and shrunk the size of the cheek.

Chin down position depict the changes caused by the zygomatic bone and zygomatic arch reduction most clearly. In overall the width of the face is narrower except the forehead after surgery. The zygomatic hump disappeared, thus the indentation under the zygomatic arch is leveled off after surgery.

In chin up position the effect of mandible reduction can be shown clearly. From the comparison photos we can see that the size of the mandible bone and mandible angle is smaller in after surgery picture. Nevertheless the mandible bone outline is still exist and the location of the mandible angle is still in the right position. In the after surgery photo the width of the middle and lower face is narrower and the ears are bigger meaning that the zygoma and mandible reduction surgeries trimmed the face smaller so more area of the ears can be shown.

Face reduction means to reduce the size of the face. Actually face reduction mainly makes the face narrower. We all know that the width of the forehead can't be reduced as the frontal bone do not belongs to the facial bone but the skull bone. Inside the skull the brain is located. In order to reduce the size of the forehead the volume of the brain must be reduced first. It is not rationally to reduce the brain size for only cosmetic reason. Practically face reduction only could make the middle and lower face narrower.

From the other point of opinion a face reduction could be achieved by ways of reducing the volume of the soft tissue of the face, such as liposuction, buccal fat removal and masseter muscle resectomy. All these surgeries should be carefully selected and performed. Because the soft tissue located relatively superficial than the facial bone any unevenness could be easily show on the skin. On the other hand if the volume reduction is overdone for the purpose of achieving a even thinner face the facial bone will reveal their shape making the face bonny, the skin dry, giving a aging look contradictory to the cosmetic purpose.

The facial bone reduction alone could only make the face fuller. That is because the facial soft tissue is relatively increase after the facial bone reduction. This change could make the face look younger. For those candidates who originally have a thin face dream for this kind of change. For those whose face is originally full a facial bone reduction surgery could make the face even fuller. In this scenario a facial liposuction could be combined to leave a balanced facial soft tissue volume.

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