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Comparison Analysis of Zygoma and zygomatic arch smooth reduction plastic surgery

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Zygoma and zygomatic arch smooth reduction picutres before and after operation
Pictures of zygoma and zygomatic arch smooth reduction before and after operation. By looking at the pictures we can tell the girl is more beautiful after operation yet wondering what had happened to her face.

Comparing guide of smooth zygoma reduction pictures
Comparing guide of smooth zygoma reduction surgery pictures. The red circle indicates that the protruding zygoma and zygomatic arch shrinks and more ear lobe can be seen from the front. The yellow line indicates the facial outline changes. Preoperatively the line is not smooth and in a shape of '3'. This situation improves after operation.

comparing pictures of zygoma and zygomatic arch reduction plastic surgery in 45 degree angle
Pictures of zygoma and zygomatic arch reduction plastic surgery in 45 degree angle. People with a protruding zygmom always give a squareness look in certain angle of view. Surgical correction of the zygoma protrusion will make the face looks cute instantly.

Comparing guide of smooth zygoma reduction surgery pictures in 45 degree
Comparing guide of smooth zygoma reduction surgery pictures in 45 degree. As the zygoma bone is big preoperatively the yellow line along the left side of the facial outline seemed to be pushed out at the zygoma point. Post operatively this pattern changed.

zygoma and zygomatic arch reduction surgery pre and post operation
Zygoma and zygomatic arch reduction surgery pre and post operation. Viewers may wonder that the change after operation may due to the picture maneuver using some software. However if you exam the details of the picture by pay attention to the nose and the shade on the shirt that the face projected on you will believe that the pictures are original.

Star story

This beautiful girl underwent Zygoma and Zygomatic Arch Smooth Reduction Surgery only. Yet the change on her face seemed she did more than just one operation. She looks much more beautiful than before without any trace of surgery. This is the magic effect of cosmetic surgery--changing a person's appearance in a subtle way, achieving beauty without any trace.

This beautiful girl didn't give much impression to Dr. Ma at first. She didn't contact Dr. Ma post operatively. Not like other candidates who always find ways to get Dr. Ma's phone number and call Dr. Ma on any puzzles they face during their recovery period. Until one day 8 months after operation without any appointment she went to Dr. Ma's office to see Dr. Ma directly. As she caught Dr. Ma in a sudden and her appearance also change dramatically Dr. Ma didn't realized her as his post operative patient at the first time. Instead Dr. Ma thought she was a new patient for surgical consultation. But even looked at her face very carefully Dr. Ma didn't find anywhere on her face needed a cosmetic surgery. This is unusual. Normally when a patient comes to Dr. Ma he can tell which part on this patient's face needs a surgery. Yet this girl still kept quiet and Dr. Ma didn't know how to break the ice. This made Dr. Ma felt uneasy.  After a while of looking at each other, and the girl felt satisfied of tricking Dr. Ma by giving him a surprise, she then told Dr. Ma that she was a patient of Dr. Ma. But Dr. Ma still couldn't tell which patient she was and what is her name. At last the girl gave Dr. Ma her name. According to the name Dr. Ma found out her pre-operative pictures and admired the great change on her visage and also her manner of behavior. The girl was satisfied with her operation result. Dr. Ma also felt honor of achieving such a good post operative result. This is unusual because Dr. Ma always judge his own surgical work critically.

When Dr. Ma asked if he could take a post operative picture of her for comparison with the pre-operative pictures, she was glad to do so and she even offered Dr. Ma a permission to post her pictures on Dr. Ma's website. Dr. Ma wanted to know why she was voluntarily giving the permission. She replied because she was pleased by the surgical result and wanted to share the happiness with more people. This kind of offer is not common though there are lots of good surgical results that Dr. Ma may encounter everyday. Dr. Ma was deeply moved by this beautiful girl's generosity and deeply infected by her happiness.

Comments of Dr. Ma

Several friends have told Dr. Ma that the pre and post operative change of the comparison pictures on his website is not so dramatic. Dr. Ma also noticed some similar comments regarding Dr. Ma's comparison pictures on the web. They admitted that when Dr. Ma pointed out the key area or key element of comparison and they toke another look, they will find the big difference among the pre and post operative pictures. Follow these friends suggestions Dr. Ma tried to mark the key area or show some guide on the pictures. Still some friends think the change on the pictures should be more dramatic. Then Dr. Ma realized that it is difficult to revival the change on the zygomatic area by using a camera. This area of the face can not be vividly outlined on a pictures. Even there is dramatic change on the malar of a person's face the pictures of that person may not show any difference. On the other hand it is very easy for a camera to present the jaw of the human face. A slice change on the jaw can be captured on the pictures.

So Dr. Ma asked the help of his friends to collect pictures on the web according to their judgment that a big pre and post operative change exists. By studying those pictures carefully Dr. Ma found out that the dramatic result comes from makeup, photographic skill and digital photo processing. Though Dr. Ma know how to use this kind of tricks, he didn't want and will not want to deceive the viewer's eyes. Dr. Ma wants to keep his website far from any misleading information.

From Dr. Ma's point of view, unlike plastic surgery, the purpose of cosmetic surgery is to decorate a person's visage, not to reconstruct any defect on a person's appearance. Perception of beauty is objective and individualized. Nevertheless it follows some common rules. That is to decorate but not to rebuild a face because cosmetic surgeries deals with no deformity from the start, to hide the trace of surgery avoiding to leave any marks on the body, to do surgery in a proper scale avoiding cosmetic surgery abuse or destroy the balance of each functioning parts of the body. It is the ultimate goal of cosmetic surgeon to maximally improve a person's visage with only one small touch of surgery.

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