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Protrusion Mouth Plastic Surgery

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Mouth protrusion is a common. The protrusion of the mouth is due to the protrusion of the upper and lower set of teeth. Again the protrusion of the teeth is caused by the overgrowth of the upper and lower jaw bone. So the seemed mouth protrusion actually is rooted from the oversized jaw bones. A thick lip alone rarely cause mouth protrusion. Therefore the plastic surgery of a protrusion mouth is in fact the reduction of the size of the upper and lower jaw bone, not the reduction of the lip thickness, nor the orthodontic treatment of the teeth, nor camouflage surgeries such as chin, nose and nasal labial augmentations. As of in what degree of protrusion of a mouth needs surgical intention we should follow the guidelines of maxillary measurements and the particular intention of a candidate.

The beautiful girl on this page had always felt something wrong with her face but not knowing what was that. It take some time and energy for her to realize that her mouth is protruded. At first she only notice that she needed to close her mouth deliberately in order to let both lips meet. By applying the closing force on her lips over a prolonged period time she frequently suffered lip fatigue. Late on she found out that her profile photo looked not as pretty as the frontal one. So she did nasal augmentation trying to balance the protruding mouth without satisfaction. Then somebody suggested her to do chin augmentation surgery to camouflage the protrusion mouth. Before she had a chance to conduct the procedure she met Dr. Ma and learned that Bimaxillary Reduction Surgery could solve the mouth protrusion problems like hers. All other camouflage surgeries around the mouth offers little help.

mouth protrusion
The protruding mouth returned to the normal position and her profile outline looks more pretty.

protrusion mouth platic surgery
The lips looks thinner and the mouth can be easily closed in relax after surgery.

 upper and lower jaw protrusion surgery
In the before surgery photo it seems a chin augmentation surgery is needed. Actually upper and lower jaw reduction surgery is more suitable.

From this angle of view a mislead impression of simple chin retrograding on her face could easily been generated. Then an operation such as chin augmentation or chin sliding advancement surgery could been considered in order to make the chine big and pointing forward. In fact this girl might have some sort of chin retrograding, however jaw bone protruding was her main problem from the CT examination. After protruding mouth plastic surgery her upper and lower jaw bone was set back she is satisfied with her post surgery result without any surgeries on the chin. So it is necessary to carefully observe if a candidate have mouth protruding before conducting chin augmentation or chin sliding advancement surgeries.

mouth protrusion surgery
After surgery the degree of nasal labial angle and the relationship between the upper and lower lips changed.

A protruding mouth can be better observed in profile photos. In the before surgery photo of this girl her upper and lower lips protrude forward from the other parts of her face and the lower lip is more obvious. Her lips can't meet each other when in relax. An impression of whole jaw protrusion and counterclockwise rotation is given. After upper and lower jaw protruding correction surgeries the protruded mouth returned to the normal position, the relationship between her upper and lower lips recovered, the lips can meet each other in relax and the profile outline looks more beautiful.

The changes in front view photo is not as obvious as the profile one. However if we carefully compare these two photos we could find out that the lips are thick, eversion and the teeth are exposed in the before surgery photo. After surgery these characters changed better, especially the mouth can close in relax  situation.

In the 3/4 position photo the noticeable changes are mainly the lip eversion and the degree of the nasal labial angle. The changes of mouth protrusion also depict in this set of photos. As the jaw bones have been moved backward the teeth were moved back too thus the eversion lips were dragged back, finally the protruding mouth were reduced.

Protrusion Mouth Plastic Surgery also know as Bimaxillary Protrusion Correction Surgery. During the surgery the front part of the maxillary bone and the mandible bone are cut free from the rest of the bone, and these free parts are moved backward and then fixed to the base again. As the movement needs space two teeth must be extracted from the upper and lower jaw respectively. The range of movement depend on the degree of protrusion. The degree of protrusion can be measured by the physical examination and CT scan. An experienced surgeon generally can make the right decision on how much the movement range could be upon those information mentioned above. Rotation and swing movement of the freed parts of the jaw bones may also apply together with the backward movement if open bite and maxillary deviation coexist.

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