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Correcttive Surgery of the Deviated Nose

Homepage Star of Febuary 2013
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"Deviated nose", also know as "Wry nose" or "crooked nose", has many manifestations. A nose could be deviated on the face straightly or curved in a "C" or "L" shape. A hump nose often is deviated but rarely a small nose or saddle nose is deviated. Though a deviated nose could be in various shape basically we can divide them into two deferent categories, the deviated straight nose and the deviated curve nose. A deviated straight nose indicated that a nose itself is straight and in a normal shape, however its relationship to the face is abnormal causing the axis of the nose is not parallel to the axis of the face or the axis of the nose is not perpendicular to the line crossing the two pupils of the eyes. A deviated curve nose has properties of a deviated straight nose plus the nose itself is not straight. The tip of the nose may turned to one side or the root of the nose and the tip of nose are in normal position while the bony dorsum of the nose is shifted to one side making the nose in a shape of letter "C".

The star in this edition of Homepage Star has a deviated nose, a typical deviated straight nose. As in the following before surgery photos his nose itself look ok and the root of his nose is in the right position, but the dorsum and the tip of his nose is deviated to the left side. After nasal bone surgery and nasal septum correction surgery, including bony septum and cartilage septum correction, his nasal deviation was fixed at the ten days post surgery photo. From his experience we could understand that deviated nose correction surgery doesn't mean a single surgery but a combination of surgeries in different parts of the nose including the nasal bone, nasal septum, nasal tip, nasal ala, nasal columalla or even the maxillary bone and upper lip. As of which part of the nose is involved in a particular patient depends on the individual need and the experience of the surgeon.

correctiv surgery of deviated nose
The shape of the nose itself is normal and straight in deviated straight nose patient, but the alignment between the nose and the face is abnormal.  After the corrective surgery the nose is no longer deviated.

corrective surgery of deviated nose and hump nose
In profile there is a hump in the middle of this young man's nose. The corrective surgery also reduced this hump making his nose straighter and nicer looking in lateral view.

 photo of correctvie surgery of the deviated nose
After corrective surgery of deviated nose the nose looks straighter and more definitive in this angled view. This in turn make the whole face looks better.

In the front view photo this young man's nose seemed been turned a bit as a whole object after surgery. The axis of the nose is basically parallel to the axis of the face and perpendicular to the line across the pupils, referring to the marks in the following photo. The shape of the nose itself is almost the same to the before surgery photo. Only at the 10th day post surgery when the after surgery photo was taken the nose was still swelling this makes the post surgery nose looks a bit different from the pre surgery one. If we check carefully we could find that in the after surgery photo the shape of the nostril, the ala and the collumalar keeps the same except the change of position of the nose on the face.

photo analysis of deviated nose correction
The horizontal blue line represent the line across the pupils. The vertical blue line represent the axis of the face and the red the nose.

In the profile view this young man has a hump nose with the middle part of the nose sticking out. After the corrective surgery the hump disappears and the nose is straighter and has more definition. If the corrective surgeries were done for a female candidate more bone could be removed from the hump making the dorsum of nose cured inward and the tip of of the nose tilting forward a bit. This kind of change let the nose looks soft and more feminine. However some candidates like the hump nose or they may just want to reduce a size of the hump slightly. In this scenario the bony dorsum of the nose can be kept intact or just removing a small part of it. The corrective surgery candidate should remember to discuss with the surgeon regarding how to treat the hump before the surgery. As removal of the hump of the nose is a simple procedure during the deviated nose corrective surgery. Once a demand is clearly demonstrated a surgeon can easily make their candidate happy. If you didn't tell your surgeon to remove the hump before surgery it will be too later to regret after surgery.

In the angled view the difference of the shape of the after surgery nose is that the dorsum is straighter. As this angle of view can't show whether a nose is deviated the corrective effect of the surgery is not demonstrated in this group of photos. Never the less we still find that the after surgery nose looks better. This mainly due to the removal the nasal hump.

As stated before there are many kinds of manifestation of deviated nose. Also the cause of deviated nose is various. It could be congenital, from injury or even from surgery. So the corrective surgery of deviated nose needs to utilize different surgical techniques depending on the different situations. In general corrective surgeries could involve nasal bone and nasal septum. According to the shape of the nose and the cause of the deviation procedures such as unilateral or bilateral nasal bone osteotomy, one direction or two direction movements can be applied. And also the nasal septum correction could involve the cartilage septum, the bony septum or both. For some candidates with complicated deviation deformity nasal collumalar, ala and the base of the nostril also need to be modified in order to achieve a better result, such as in patients with deviated nose accompanied with congenital cleft lip.

Some deviated nose sufferer think that the corrective surgery is too major or too complicated and turn to the so called minimal surgery, such as nasal implant or nasal injection. It has been proved that these camouflage surgeries can not help to resolve the problem. On the contrary the surgical trauma and the residual implant or injectable left by this so called minimal surgeries infect make the later on real corrective surgery more difficult and more complicated.

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