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Forward Sliding Surgery for Retrograded Chin

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A retrograded chin means that the chin is not forwardly protruding enough from the profile and the height of the chin ( the distance between the lip and the tip of the chin) not long enough. Chin retrograding not only interferes the facial figure but also the breathing function. Snore is believed to be related to chin retrograding for some people. When the chin is retrograde the distance between the chin bone and the vertebral bone is narrower, left small room for the breathing tunnel such as the throat to pass by. In relax situation obstructive ventilation disorder can easily happen. For these people vigorous treatment of the retrograded chin do help to improve sleep breathing disorders. However the treatment doesn't simply mean to do a chin implant, chin forward sliding surgery is the choice.

Chin forward sliding surgery cuts the chin bone at the level below the apex of the lower teeth horizontally and moves the freed bone piece forwardly and fixes it in the new position. This surgery can improve the facial figure and breathing function for retrograded chin sufferer. The girl in this page had a retrograded small chin. Her chin was flat at profile view and the height of the chin is short in the front view. She also suffered mild sleep apnea. A chin forward sliding surgery alone changed her visage more brighter and also her quality of sleep is much batter after surgery according to her own description.

chin forward sliding
The forward and downward chin bone sliding surgery changed the protruding degree of the chin and increased the chin neck distance.

forward sliding of the chin bone
The relationship between the chin and the other parts of the face is more appropriate after the forward sliding of the chin.

front view of chin forward sliding 
The height of the chin is longer and the lower face is more symmetric after the surgery.

chin up position after chin forward sliding
In chin up position the changes of the chin shape and the contour of the chin and the neck can be clearly shown.

The before surgery profile photo shows that the girl's neck was thin and long. With a small chin connected to the neck it seems the head was too big for the long neck. At the same time the angle between the chin and neck, so called the chin neck angle, was too big making the curvature line in this area less beautiful. Also the mouth was protruding because of the small chin. However this was not a true bimaxillary protrusion. If bimaxillary protruding correction surgeries was done for her her face would be flat and lose the sense of facial hierarchy. A surgeon must differentiate the pseudo bimaxilla protrusion from true protrusion before the bimaxillary set back surgery is done for the seemed mouth protruding candidates.

In the angled view the mandible line in the after surgery photo is obviously longer. This is the direct effect of chin sliding forward surgery. Beside that, when the mouth was protruding this girl looked in a unhappy expression even she was in a relax position at the time of photo taken. After surgery the chin is overrun the mouth in front projection. In the same relax position the facial expression changed to a sweet one.

When look at he the front view comparison photos of this girl most people's first impression is that the girl had done mandible reduction surgery because the lower half of her face is much narrower in the after surgery photo than in the before surgery photo. As a matter of fact she only did chin forward sliding surgery without any mandible reduction. The mandible reduction result may due to the following two reasons. First, the forward sliding of the chin made the face longer, the facial tall to width ratio became bigger, the face looks relatively narrower. Secondly, the forward sliding of the chin bone made the skin and soft tissue along the mandible line tighter, thus stretched the softer tissue at both side of the chin forward. This redistribution of the soft tissue narrowed the real measure of the lower face down.

In chin up position the chin seemed being included inside the neck and the contour of the chin was hidden in the before surgery photo. After surgery the contour of the chin is more vividly distinguished from the neck. The contour line of the chin, mandible and the neck is more beautiful. The angles of chin-lip and chin-neck are more clearly defined.

The post surgery photos were taken 6 mouths after the surgery.

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