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Broad Chin After Mandible Reduction Surgery

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The chinplasty can be done at the same time when the mandible and masseter muscle reductions are done. If only the mandible is reduced leaving the chin untouched, the chin may end up looking wider thought the actual width of the chin keeps the same. That is because the reduction of the mandible changes the width ratio between the chin and the mandible bone. For each individual cosmetic surgery seeker weather the chinplasty is combined with the mandible reduction surgery depend on her or his own situation. If the chin is born narrow a sample mandible reduction alone could create a smooth and natural mandible line giving a good look face. On the other hand a pure mandible and masseter reduction may render a unproportionate wide chin, down grading the facial figure if the chin is originally wide.

The chin of the beautiful girl in this page is not too wide nor too narrow. In this circumstance the patient's person interest counts. If she wanted to change her face to a "melon seed" type then the chinplasty should have been done. On the contrary if she had no desire to make her whole face narrow done no chin reduction were need.  She didn't select to narrow her chin as she didn't want a slim chine. In the post surgery photo her chin looked wider than before surgery. However she is satisfied with her result and she didn't bring up the thought of doing a second stage chinplasty during her after surgery follow-ups.

mandible and masseter muscle reduction
Simple mandible and masseter muscle reduction without chinplasty, the chin looks wider after surgery in the front view.

mandible bone reduction
In profile the chin does not look obviously wider after surgery.

mandible edge after mandible reduction
After mandible reduction surgery though the face looks much narrower in the front view the mandible edge is till natural and smooth, no noticeable irregularity.

In the front view this girl's face changed dramatically, some people even believe the surgery was overdone. From the profile view it seems the after surgery photo didn't change much compared to the before surgery one. This means the surgery has achieved the goal of making the face slimmer without causing the unnatural side effect of "horse face" deformity in lateral view or any kind of irregularity on the mandible edge. The after surgery broader look of the chin in the front view also serves as a proof of the effectiveness of the surgery as only if the narrow down of the mandible body and mandible angle  the chin looks wider.

Readers may still not be clear at this point weather they should do the chinplasty when they decided to make their face slimmer. There is a simple way of predict if the chin is too wide or not after mandible reduction surgery. That is to ask the surgeon using his or her hand to cover the face to mimic the surgical result, judging if the chin becomes too wide or not at the front view. According to this judgment a simultaneous chinplasty could be selected or simple mandible reduction surgery could be carried out. If someone happens to find the chin becomes too wider to be accepted after the simple mandible bone and masseter muscle reduction. A second stage chinplasty is still a good arrangement because these two surgeries do not share the same incision and the second stage chinplasty could more easily control the reduction scale of the chin to match the already reduced mandible in achieving a better cosmetic result.

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