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Chin and Jaw Plastic Surgery

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Chin is the most front part of the jaw bone. The medical term for chin bone plastic surgery is genoplasty. Though chin is part of the jaw bone, jaw plastic surgery or mandible plastic surgery doesn't normally include the chin. Because these two surgeries don't share the same surgical incision. The chin plastic surgery needs an incision on the mucosa at the front of the gingival fold of the incisor teeth, while the jaw plastic surgery's incision located at the mucosa lateral to the molar gingival fold. Without the front incision it is not practical to access the chin bone during the jaw bone plastic surgery through an incision at the lateral side of the mandible bone.

For those who have big square face the mandible reduction surgery can change the facial type in a great deal so the chin may look relatively bigger than before surgery. In this instance the chin reduction plastic surgery may be done simultaneously or in other session sometime after the jaw surgery to make the chin fit into the remarkably reduced mandible angle and mandible body. The beautiful girl in this page had "Mandible Angle Reduction surgery" before. After that surgery the shape of the jaw bone looked better. However the chin seemed too wide for the mandible body and also the right side of the chin was bigger than the left side. She wanted to take another surgery to improve the look of her face. So Chin and Mandible Bone Reduction, Chin Advance Sliding and Masseter Muscle Partial Resection surgeries was underwent for her.

chin and jaw plastic surgery
After surgery the chin and the mandible are proportionally reduced. The connection lines between the chin and the mandible body are smooth.

 revision surgery after mandible angle reduction
Arrows show the marginal steps between the operated and non operated zones created from the previous mandible angle reduction surgery.

plastic surgery of the mandible bone
Chin sliding surgery move the chin bone forward and downwardly. This movement made the chin more pointing and the lip-chin angle more defined.

chin and jaw plastic surgery
This photo shows the trimmed off bone and muscle tissue during chin and jaw reduction surgery. Note that more bone were trimmed from the right side and muscle tissue was only cut from the right side in order to make the jaw more symmetric.

In the before surgery front view photo the face was in a longitudinal square type. The jaw was not symmetric as the right side was bigger than the left side. The chin was big and dull and the outline of the chin formed a "U" shape. After surgery the face changed to an "egg shape" type. The reduction of the mandible bone made the face shorter. Differentiated volume reduction from different side of the mandible bone and unilateral masseter muscle reduction restored the symmetry of the lower face. Chin advancement and reduction at the laterals narrowed the chin at the same time changed its outline from a "U"??shape to a "V" shape.

As indicated by the arrows the obvious problems in the before surgery chin up position was the asymmetry of the jaw line. The right side of the lower jaw line was bigger and more hanging than the left side. The right side marginal mark between the operated and non operated zones left from the previous "Mandible Angle" reduction can be clearly seen on the inferior edge of the mandible bone as pointed by the red arrow. The left side mark shows on the lateral side as indicated by the blue arrow. During surgery the differentiated tissue volume removal from different areas of both sides of the mandible bone was conducted. And also masseter muscle was removed from only the right side. All those measures was aimed to restore the symmetry of the lower face. In the last photo the tissue removed from both sides of the face is shown. The volume and content difference for each side can be easily identified. The after surgery photo shows the symmetry of the face was well restored.

The remarkable change on the profile photo is the forward movement of the chin. This movement made the chin more defined and the lip-chin angle more vivid. These changes due to the chin advance sliding. Compare with implant chin augmentation, the best advantage of chin sliding surgery is the natural post surgery result without any foreign material left inside the body. The disappearance of the hump on the rear part of the jaw was the contribution of the masseter muscle removal. As her mandible angle had already reduced to a normal size by the previous surgery this surgery did nothing with the angle. An natural mandible angle still exist and "horse face" from over-reduction of the angle was prevented.

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