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Reduction Plastic Surgery of Asymmetric Mandible Bone and Autologous Bone Graft Chin Augment

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Reduction plastic surgery of asymmetric mandible bone

Reduction plastic surgery of asymmetric mandible bone, also known as asymmetric face plastic surgery or asymmetric jaw plastic surgery, is a common plastic surgery of the mandible bone. The procedure of the asymmetric mandible bone plastic surgery is similar to those of the simple mandible bone or  mandible angle reduction plastic surgery.

Reduction Plastic Surgery of Asymmetric Mandible Bone pre and post operation pictures
Reduction Plastic Surgery of Asymmetric Mandible Bone pre and post operation pictures. Before operation the face is square and the left side of the mandible bone is big and saggy. Post operation these defects have been improved.

comparison picture study of the asymmetric mandible reduction plastic surgery
Comparison picture study of the asymmetric mandible reduction plastic surgery. The red arrows on the left show the lower edge of the mandible lines are asymmetric, the left side is lower than the right. On the right side picture shows the lower lines of the mandible are symmetric and the facial appearance improved.

profile pictures of asymmetric mandible reduction plastic surgery
Profile pictures of asymmetric mandible reduction plastic surgery. Before operation the mandible line is curved downward giving a bulging appearance. Postoperatively the mandible line is straighter and the chin is longer and pointing. The lip chin curve is more graceful.

Various situations could make a asymmetric jaw. For example if someone's right jaw is bigger than the left the asymmetric appearance may be caused by bone or muscle hypertrophy or both of them on the bigger side side. Further more when there is a asymmetric jaw the maxillary is asymmetric too accordingly. In this situation the whole face is asymmetric with a deviated middle facial line. So for the treatment of asymmetric mandible bone pre-operation investigation is very important. Plastic surgeon must clearly know the reason of the asymmetry and the degree of the asymmetry. Normally plastic surgeon will ask the patient to do a image study of the facial bone and make a surgical plan before operation.

As a matter of fact all the paired organs or parts of the human body are not symmetric such as both hands and feet are asymmetric. If you take a careful look everyone's face is not symmetric. This is one of the reasons Dr. Ma ask his patients to do CT scan to detect the miner asymmetry of the facial bone or other facial soft tissues. As asymmetry of the face is universal cosmetic surgery candidates shall not expect a surgery could make the face perfectly symmetric. Asymmetric mandible plastic surgery is the same. Asymmetry if the mandible will still remain after the operation. However an successful plastic surgery if the asymmetric mandible bone should make the asymmetry hardly noticable.

The Star Story

This lady is originally beautiful. She came to see Dr. Ma wanted to change her asymmetric facial appearance. She told Dr. Ma that her colleagues thought this lady's face is bigger on one side than the other. When she saw her face in the mirror she also felt the same imbalance on her face. It is very hard for her to find a suitable hair style to match her asymmetric face. Besides this lady thought her chin might need an augmentation. Yet she didn't wanted to put any kind of foreign material inside her body. So she decided to reuse her own bone from the mandible reduction surgery to be the chin implant material.

Out of her own imagination after the operation not only her face is more symmetric also she seemed younger and more attractive than she was before the operation. When Dr. Fushun Ma should  her comparison pictures of pre and post operation and she saw her profile which wasnt' possible for her to see from the mirror she agreed the genuine improvement of the facial appearance.

Dr. Ma's Comment

This beautiful lady's face had two minor problems, the lower part of her face was too square and the left side of the mandible was bigger than the right side. A pre operative CT scan revealed that her mandible body and mandible angle hypertrophy contributed to her facial squareness. The left side of her mandible bone is bigger than the right side. Her higher left mandible body made her left mandible line dropped downward as red arrow showed in the picture. Accordingly the surgical plan was to trim both side of the mandible body and mandible angle with extra volume of the bone been removed from the left side of the mandible body and the lower edge of the left mandible bone. Thus raise the lower mandible line of the left side.

A relatively big piece of mandible bone was removed from this lady's left side mandible. It can be easily carved into a suitable size and shape to meet the need as the chin implant. Then this piece of bone as a autologous graft was planted and fixed into the most front part of the mandible to augment to the chin. The post operation result of this method is natural and ideal with no foreign material inside the body. The autologous mandible bone graft serving as a implant is good choice for chin augmentation.

The post operation pictures was token 7 months after surgery. The pictures show that the asymmetry of the jaw has been improved and the lower edges of the mandible line look naturally and ideally. If we exam the pre operation pictures carefully we could notice that the mouth corners on both side are not on the same level. Because of the asymmetry of the mandible the left corner of the mouth is lower than the right one. Postoperatively the left side corner of the mouth elevated to the level of the right side making the mouth corners almost leveled off. For this kind of mouth corner change Dr. Ma was not sure at the early stage of correction surgery of asymmetric mandible, even believing that the mandible reduction surgery making the mouth corner and mandible edge distance shorter thus the mouth corner looks even lower on that side. Over many cases of correction surgery of asymmetric mandible Dr. Ma recognized that after the reduction of the bigger side of the mandible bone the mouth corner of that same side raises and the tilted mouth can be improved by this way.

Many mandible reduction patients may worry that the trimming of mandible bone may cause the local skin sagginess and a dripping face. Actually this kind of concerns are not necessary. The post operation pictures of this girl show that her face is not saggy but raise a little compared to the pre operation ones. He face is not square anymore and she also looks younger with an uprising feeling on front view and lateral view. The mechanism of this change is simple. Originally the mandible bone was longer and pointing downward. The skin and soft tissue of the lower face was stretched downward and laterally moving the center of gravity of the face lower and making the face saggy. After mandible reduction surgery the bone and muscle are trimmed smaller the elastic skin and soft tissue bounced back moving the lower edge of the mandible upward. Thus a facelift effect is achieved with a mandible reduction surgery, this kind of lift is even more effective than a real facelift.

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