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Mandible Sculpture and Masseter Muscle Reduction Surgery

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Mandible sculpture surgery

Mandible sculpture surgery is one of the mandible reduction surgeries. It means to carve the whole mandible bone in order to making the face smaller evenly and naturally. This method is better comparing to the traditional way of mandible angle reduction surgery because the carving method make the whole mandible bone smaller, not just trimming the mandible angle which could lead to a relatively wide frontal facial outline. Mandible Sculpture Surgery trims the bone gently thus preserve the strength and function of the mandible bone. If it is necessary a masseter muscle reduction should be imploded together with the Mandible Sculpture Surgery for a more solid result.

Mandible Sculpture and Masseter Muscle Reduction Surgery pictures
Mandible Sculpture and Masseter Muscle Reduction Surgery pictures. The lower part of the face is definitely slimmer after surgery.

Oblique view of Mandible Sculpture and Masseter muscle Reduction Surgery pictures
Oblique view of Mandible Sculpture and Masseter muscle Reduction Surgery pictures.

Lateral view of the Mandible Sculpture and Masseter Muscle Reduction Surgery pre and post operation pitures
Lateral view of the Mandible Sculpture and Masseter Muscle Reduction Surgery pre and post operation pictures.

Picture Analysis

The purpose of mandible reduction or mandible bone reduction surgery is to make the face slimmer, more accurately to make the lower face slimmer. Many candidates want to trim their face in a "V" shape. In order to make the face such slim the whole mandible bone should be narrowed and the chin should be longer and sharp enough. In most cases a mandible angle reduction only doesn't make the jaw line in "V" shape. We must combine the mandible body, lower mandible edge, chine reductions and even masseter muscle resectomy together for an ideal result, in another word to do surgery of the mandible bone in a big scale.

Beside the scale there is another important aspect of the face slim surgery, the volume of the bone and muscle reduction. If the bone and muscle are not trimmed enough the purpose of facial slim could not be achieved. In those patients who didn't undergo masseter muscle reduction the masseter muscle retracted after the detachment of its distal end making the muscle thicker and the the face even wider in certain level. On the other hand if the reduction is too aggressive some other unwanted results may happen. Cosmetic surgeons always encounter patient with aggressive demands asking the surgeons to remove tissues from their face as much as possible. These cosmetic surgery seekers didn't know that many of the post operation patient with aggressive reduction have already been suffering from their unpractical demands and seeking revision surgeries. Some of them even wants to go back to their original wide and angular face than the unnatural one caused by too aggressive tissue removal. So we have to do the surgery in a good scale and good degree. This is one of the unique characters of the cosmetic surgery.

From the pre operation pictures of this beautiful girl we can notice that her face is a little bit square but within the normal range. Her facial width is acceptable to ordinary viewers. However the girl herself didn't accept her slightly squared face. So the operation is purely to satisfy the girl's own desire for her facial outline change. If the surgery is too reserve the girl's facial outline will not change much and the normal viewer can still accept her looking but the girl will not satisfy and believe her money has been spend in vine. If the surgery is too aggressive beyond the normal viewers acceptation the girl herself will not satisfy too and the surgery can't be defined as a successful one.

After careful analysis of her facial structure a surgical plan of Mandible Sculpture and Partial Masseter Muscle Reduction had been done. On 6 months follow-up the girl's face outline changes in a great deal. Her face doesn't look any square and she is satisfied for her goal having been achieved. Her surgery result is so natural that no clue of surgery can be noticed on her face in any angle of view. An ordinary viewer couldn't tell her beautiful slimmer face was come from cosmetic surgery.

Background Story

This beautiful girl know which part of her face caused her concern and what kind of change she was looking for. So when she came to see Dr. Ma she directly told Dr. Ma that she needed a mandible reduction surgery with an aggressive demand. As her face didn't look bony Dr. Fushun Ma suggested a Mandible Sculpture with Masseter muscle reduction in order to make an definite change of facial outline and natural post operation result.

The beautiful girl toke Dr. Ma's suggestion. A Mandible Sculpture and Masseter Muscle Reduction Surgery had been done. Her recovery was smooth. On 6 months post operation follow-up Dr. Ma toke pictures and did picture comparison of pre and post operation. When she saw her pre and post operation pictures she admit the dramatic change of her facial pattern. However she didn't feel her facial pattern changed so much as she always checked her face in a mirror in the healing process. What she and her friends only noticed was her face looked skinnier than before. 

When Dr. Fushun Ma doing pre operation consultations he always tell the cosmetic surgery candidates that not like the other soft tissue surgeries such as blepharoplasty in which the surgery result can reveal instantly after surgery, the surgeries on the facial bone take times to show their final results. The patients even may not notice the graduate change on their faces. Because of that it is to soon to judge the results in few weeks after operation. But a lot of patients still call back with concerns regarding their surgery result in a very short period after surgery. That kind of concerns are not necessary. On contrary if a post operation patient called back and satisfied her or his surgery result in few weeks then Dr. Ma should be the one who is going to  worry that the final result may be too aggressive.

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