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Mandible Bone and Masseter Muscle Reduction to Achieve a Melon Seed Face

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"Melon seed face" describes a facial type with an outline contour that follows the a melon seed's shape. If we study the shape of a "melon seed" we can easily imaging what a "melon seed face" look like. Take the common melon seed, watermelon seed as an example, its upper two thirds are wide and full while the lower third is narrow and thin and the transform from wide to narrow is natural and smooth. There is no obvious boundary between the wide and narrow parts. So whether a face is a "melon seed type" depend on the relationship between its upper two thirds to the lower one third, and also the transform pattern from wide to narrow. For those who have a "square face" or "round face" a smooth lower facial reduction may help them to achieve a "melon seed face". Mandible reduction and masseter muscle resectomy which can greatly narrow the lower part of the face in front view meets this goal perfectly.

The pretty girl in this page was unsatisfied with her square face for a long time and dreamed of change it to a "melon seed" type one day. On the trip of realizing her dream she met Dr. Fushun Ma. Upon seeing her Dr. Ma confidently told her that her dream could come true. Because her face was square and relatively small, the upper two third's width is appropriate to the facial organs, not too wide nor too narrow, so a lower part smooth reduction could change her face to her ideal "melon seed" type. She toke Dr. Ma's suggestion and did mandible reduction and masseter muscle partial removal surgeries. The following post surgery photos was taken 1 year after surgery. When comparing the before and after photos we could tell that her dream came true.

mandible bone and masseter muscle reduction to achieve a melon seed face
In front view the before surgery photo shows a typical square face and the after surgery one a typical "melon seed" facial type.

mandible reduction for melon seed face
Laterally the angle of the mandible is less pointer and the augmentation part of the mandible body disappeared after surgery.

 masseter muscle resection and melon seed face
In this angle the mandible line is still vivid only the size of the mandible changed to smaller.

Front view, the beautiful girl's face seems longer after surgery. Even Dr. Ma himself doubt that the post surgery photo may be accidentally dragged longer at the first time he saw the comparison pictures. So Dr. Ma checked the preparation process of the photos again it turned out that the width to length ratio and the magnifying scale are the same between the before and after surgery photos. As a matter of fact the distortion of all the photos posted in this website is well controlled by many ways of anti-disfigure technique such as reference line and scale ruler to ensure the comparativeness.

This girl's facial contour in the front view changed dramatically, the lower third of the face is much narrower and thinner. Thanks to the mandible body reduction and masseter muscle resectomy which could make the change this dramatic, a simple mandible angle reduction surgery will never be able to achieve this kind of cosmetic renovation. On the contrary the retraction bulging of the masseter muscle mass could make some part of the face ever wider after the simple angle reduction or angle removal. Only a successful application of mandible body reduction and masseter muscle resectomy can achieve a fundamental lower face reshaping effect. Some of the candidates addressed their concern on the possible ineffectiveness of facial reshape surgeries when they came to see Dr. Ma. In this circumstances Dr. Ma always assure his patient that a good plan of facial reduction certainly will make the face smaller, sometimes even too small than a patient expected.

Laterally this girl's facial contour didn't change much. If we pay attention to the fullness of her middle and lower face we could tell that these parts of the face is smoother and the original augmentations and indentations disappeared in the post surgery photos. The mandible line in the before surgery photo was bold and clear. In the after surgery photo this line is still exist but not that vivid. All these changes give the girl's face a lifted look.

In tilted view the mandible line can be most clearly show. Compared to the before surgery photo the mandible line is more natural and thinner in the after surgery photo. However the whole mandible body reduction and masseter muscle resection surgery didn't make the mandible line disappear nor changed it to a rigid straight line. No matter how this girl moves her head or to view her face in any direction her facial contour always looks as natural as from natural birth.

When mandible bone overgrowth accompanied by masseter muscle hypertrophy the face is always in a square shape and the mouth seemed full of stuff. A simple mandible bone reduction without muscle resectomy is unable to change the squared facial contour fundamentally. So for this kind of facial reshaping masseter muscle removal is mandatory.

Most of the square face can be modified to a "melon seed" one by mandible bone and masseter muscle reduction surgeries. Others may not be suitable or not be able for a square to "melon seed" change. For instance, when a face with wide middle and lower third but narrow forehead, surgeries that reduce the width of the middle and lower thirds alone can not change the face to a "melon seed" shape because the upper third of the face is not wide enough for that shape. So the key point in facial reshaping is choosing the appropriate target facial type and the right operation plan according to the individual original face shape.

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