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Revision Mandible and Masseter Muscle Redution

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Revision Surgery of Mandible and Masseter Muscle Redution, pre-operationRevision Surgery of Mandible and Masseter Muscle Redution, post-operation
Pre-operation the lower part of the face and the chin are square and the chin is asymmetric. Three months after opeeration, the face is rounder and chin is smaller and symmatric also.


This handsome boy previously did mandible angle reduction and is not satisfied with the result feeling that his lower face is still too wide and the chin is too square and asymmetric. He then came to me and toke surgeries of mandible and chin reduction and masseter muscle resectomy. On 3 months post operation follow-up the boy replied to Dr. Ma's request: "I am not a movie star and not a lot people knowing me. If it is necessary you surely can post me picture on the web." Dr. Ma was very thankful for his generosity and pray for me to become a shinning star no matter in entertainment career or in actual life. Reference reading--mandible plasy.

The boy said: "My face becomes smaller and there is no trace of surgeries on my face. I am very pleased of my surgery result. I just feel that my chin looks a bit too narrow. I don't mean complain of my surgery as I chose you for my surgeon I have great confidence on your professional skill and reputation. The only thing I doubt may be we didn't have enough communication before surgery. I may not let you understand what I wanted at the beginning."

Dr. Ma said: "When the face is smaller the chin should be trimmed slimmer accordingly. Your chin looked square and asymmetric originally. After operation those conditions have been improved. Your wish that the front of the chin shouldn't be too round will come true as the swelling subsided few months later.

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